Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy Stupid Love is all the reasons I do not go home with dudes from a bar.

  • Reason #1: A weird, awkward divorcee who is out to get balls deep in a new vagina.
  • Reason #2: A sketchy gigolo who drops one liners.
  • Reason #3: I am so desperate I would probably go home with those other reasons.

But enough about me, let’s talk about the movie.

Crazy Stupid Love starts at the end. Of a marriage. After 20-odd years together, Cal (Steve Carell) and Emily (Julianne Moore) are calling it quits. But how does Cal, who has devoted to one woman for so long, re-enter the dating scene? Enter Jacob (Ryan Gosling) a smooth-talking, lady-loving, man-whore who want to leave his womanizing ways and find his soulmate (Hannah — played by Emma Stone). Will they help each other out? Will they become mortal enemies? How will their paths cross? Let the farce begin!!

If I had to categorize CSL it would be Dromacedy (trademark pending). This film is 22% Drama, 33% Romance and 45% Comedy. Do the math, I know I right.

True, the majority of CSL is comedic. I think the funniest lines in the film all belong to Emma Stone. Her comic timing is great and she plays a smart, beautiful women who needs to take a risk or two. It is fun to watch her and even more to listen to her. With the addition of her sassy friend Liz some of the funniest scenes involving women were born (suck it, Bridesmaids).

Unfortunately, the comedy brought by Steve Carell falls flat…as usual.  It seems that if Hollywood has a character that needs to be goofy, aloof and uncomfortably awkward, Carell gets a call. I am tired of constantly seeing Michael Scott. The same whiny voice, sad eyes, and over-acting that made me want to switch the channel when The Office came on are all evident in this film. Poor Carell, the only decent thing you have ever been in was Little Miss Sunshine, so please stop ruining my films.

Ryan Gosling is also in this. Obviously, he is gorgeous beyond all reason. More than that, he brings a vulnerability and longing to the role of slut. Men can be sluts too, and they have as much emotional baggage as lady-sluts. The scene when he and Hannah/Emma Stone are about to bag is one of the funniest and most honest scenes I have seen in a while. It reminds me of that time a hot, built stranger brought me home…oh, wait no, that never happened. But this film made me thing it could. Nicely played.

Marisa Tomei plays a crazy woman. Julianne Moore is a divorcee lost in a mid-life crisis.Kevin Bacon is also in this film. That is pretty much all I need to say about that. I neither loved nor hated anything about these characters or their portrayals by three amazing actors, but the sheer “blah” quality of them simply makes them “cast members.” Too harsh? Then prove me wrong.

All in all, if it is a lazy night and you want to pop some corn, drink some beer and relax to an overall enjoyable movie, then, BAM Crazy Stupid Love was filmed just for you. If you want anything else, then you will be slightly disappointed. This is a well-crafted movie with some very funny dialogue — though in a Dromacedy “best of” list, Crazy Stupid Love would fall behind the classics of My Best Friend’s Wedding, City Lights or When Harry Met Sally…but not too far behind.


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