Project Runway All Stars: Episode 7 – Broadway Debut

It’s the midway point for Project Runway All Stars. I don’t know if we should be excited or elated. Let’s start off this week with general thoughts from each of our reviewers.

GC: OK, first of all why was the costume designer of Godspell not even consulted? Did the designers know anything about the show? They were not given a theme or the costume designer’s research. Of course a Broadway costume designer would let a random person design a dress for a lead with no knowledge of the show and concept. This episode did not piss me off as much as the other episodes. Heavens knows it was a better challenge than get inspired by gelato. Overall the season is a C+.

DM: If only we had seen this week’s episode we would have won trivia! Obviously if we knew Steven Schwartz had written Godspell we would have won. Also, I totally know Uzo, the actress on that show! She was performing at American Repertory Theater at the same time I was. She’s amazing! And so sweet. Anyway, I feel as if many of the designers this week weren’t even trying to design for this challenge, which was to create a SEPARATES look for the BROADWAY stage.

MJ: This week was definitely an improvement over past episodes, but just barely. For example, I loved Mila’s snide comment about how inane Kenley and Kara are in the workroom. This of course foretold Mila and Kara being in the bottom two. I like that snideness won out. Not-Tim-Gunn is trying way too hard. Not-Heidi is listed simply as “Host” rather than something like “Style Icon” or “Supermodel” in her credit line. Just “Host.” It’s not surprising that she doesn’t know Carmen Miranda’s name, instead opting for the klassy “Chiquita Banana Woman.” Yep, that’s it.


DM: Hates it. How on earth is this separates? It’s a piece of cloth covering her boobs and a skirt. And it’s too sweet for a bitchy character. It’s so very Alice in Wonderland, but unfortunately that’s not the show this was created for.

GC: Hate it. It’s just not crazy enough. Maybe if it were ball gown length with more and more feathers, but this, meh.

MJ: Hates it. Although, Michael himself looks cute with his hair down like that. Do it more often. I didn’t realize Cynthia Bailey was available to fill in as his model. Mostly I just think it’s too plain. Chartreuse ruffle skirt with a contrasty flowy print top. So what? Who cayahs? It’s utterly boring, but he was not the worst or even second worst, so he’s lucky.


DM: Loves it. This is theatrical, and for once that’s a good thing. I actually like all of the prints together. The coat is beautiful, but maybe since she went with the other print for the skirt, the feathers could have been replaced by some smaller embellishment. The shoes are terrible, though.

GC: Hate it. I like the pieces as separated, but together it looks like a hot mess. Nothing says rich ostentatious woman.

MJ: Hates it. So so much. Most disturbing is the mid-section. The point where the fabrics meet is a disaster. A void from which not even light can escape. I don’t understand the feathers at all.


DM: Loves it. It has drama, and I can imagine the character described wearing this on the Broadway stage, but I’m a little confused about how the actress is supposed to be able to put this on on stage…? That was a requirement, right? She’s wearing the cat suit and then puts on the overalls dress then slips both arms behind her back into the stole? Can you imagine how distracting that would be?

GC: Love it. Super shiny, Nuevo Riche. The model looks a little drugged. Knowing nothing about Godspell I would say this fit the challenge.

MJ: Hates it. This is something Jenny Humphrey would design and then tragically be burned in a garbage can by her rival. There’s so much to dislike: the cheap shoulder straps, the black leggings, the chunky necklace. Gross.


DM: Hates it. It’s boring. This is fucking Broadway! Where’s the theatricality?! Yes, she looks bitchy and potentially rich, and the detailing is beautiful, but no one is going to see that from the stage. I love the hair though…very Red Queen-esque.

GC: Like it. It’s very structured, not sure if that really goes with the theme of thrift store. It looks like you could buy this at Chanel tomorrow.

MJ: Dislikes it. It’s Captain Kathryn Janeway on the holodeck, season 1 of Voyager. It just doesn’t move me. It’s maybe too Broadway, in the sense that I can’t imagine someone actually wearing this in real life? It looks heavy and scratchy, like only on camera or on stage would these fabrics catch the light or something. Still, it’s put together and at least not a disaster. It’s sad that we have come to that as a compliment this season.


DM: Hates it. How has she made it this far, seriously? This is so cheap. It’s a cheap ill-fitting red present wrapped in an even cheaper bow.

GC: Hate it. I have been waiting for her to go since day one. It’s too boring for a Broadway musical, and that bow. Oh that bow.

MJ: Hates it. Somehow it looks upside down. The bow, oh god the bow! Is it even worth explaining why a giant silver bow at the waste is a bad idea? They all praised the red pencil skirt, but I don’t get why that’s so amazing. It looks to be a plain pencil skirt. OK?


DM: LOVES IT! This is perfect! It is separates and it’s theatrical and Uzo — the actress that is to wear the look — would look STUNNING in this. This jacket is so so so cool. It’s the kind of costume that the wardrobe folks at Godspell are going to have to ensure doesn’t accidentally end up in the actress’s closet after the show is over.

GC: Love it. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the winner. It has the BOHO chicness required for the show and still has a lot of sexy glamour.

MJ: Loves it. Amazing. A little Alexander McQueen though? I think Mondo didn’t just take the challenge and appropriately design for it, he was inspired by the challenge and made something very interesting, layered, and expensive. Mondo’s maybe the only one that we see in the work room really struggling with making something beautiful that he’s proud of each week, rather than simply making something good that the judges will like. It’s also interesting to see how Mondo is changing so much, even after only a few years since his season aired.


DM: Hates it. What the hell is this? It looks like a tween hooker. There’s no richness and hardly any drama in this look. I am just confused. I almost feel as if Mila was trying to get sent home with this look.

GC: Hate it. The judges are right: street walker, drugged, club kid. She is lucky she is safe. I really like most things she does, but this doesn’t work.

MJ: Hates it. The note I jotted down while watching the episode appears to be “trampy tramperson.” And it doesn’t get more trampy than a sloppy asymmetric bordering-on-neon-yellow skirt paired with, of all things, a white fur coat.


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