The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 8 – Midseason Premiere

And we’re back! Zombie apocalypse! Schmaltzy writing! Sultry stars! Well as usual, I have some questions for The Walking DeadThe show, not the, um, zombies. Some statements too. Actually, lots of statements.

“Well at least we can stop looking for her,” says my husband, referring to the doubly-dead Sophia. Yes, yes it is time to move on. Enough with Magic Farm!

Speaking of, wow, Andrea sure has good aim with that pick axe — or was it a scythe — especially considering she may have just randomly picked up whatever was nearby!

What do the Magic Farmers mean they didn’t know that a little girl was in there? The theory that Otis put her in there without knowing who she was, and then died, and thus couldn’t tell anyone about it makes no sense! Because why then would he risk his life by going into town to get the supplies for these people? He knows they were looking for a girl; that’s why they were roaming the woods! Clearly any girl zombie these people came across should have been a suspect.

Who are/were Annette and Shawn? I definitely don’t remember them, or their zombie iterations. Beth’s (the random farm girl) parents? Wait, did the survivors actually meet them? I’m pretty sure not, because wouldn’t there have been an episode where Rick’s like, “um, weren’t there 2 more of you? Oh nevermind, orange juice!”What does Carol have to live for anymore? A burgeoning love affair with Scruffy from the Lady Gaga video (Daryl)? I’m sorry, but I need more than that.

I realize they’ve come across obviously a huge amount of zombies — both animated and still — but should they really be so cavalier about touching them? Several of our survivors readily grab at one early in the episode. Sure, it was grabbing for someone’s brains, but still. Later, Andrea calmly walks among the corpses, even going into the barn. Did they check that the barn was empty? Um, they should be burning down the barn! And burning the zombies! Immediately! Or better yet, just leave them and ditch Magic Farm altogether. Why are the corpses suddenly our survivors’ problems? Finally, no one seems to have any problems with loading several carcasses into the back of a truck without gloves on. T-Dog has a serious cut on this arm! Remember? Blondie rides with the bodies! Still, gotta give props for the arm falling off the side of the truck. That was a nice touch.

Who cares about Hershel? Oh right, we need another excuse to ride into town and split up the group. This happens literally every other episode. Queue the guilt trip from Lori about Rick needing to be a father for Carl, then Queue Rick pointing out how there are bigger, more universal needs he has to solve for the group. For some reason. Because he still feels guilty for ostensibly abandoning them during the first few weeks of the outbreak?Carol resolves herself to believing that Sophia “died a long time ago” and basically didn’t suffer. While that’s clearly a questionable judgment to make, it brings up a good question. When did Sophia become zombified? It couldn’t have been right away, because remember that the zombification process takes a few hours.Plus, Rick probably would have found her injured body near the road. And we could have saved 6 episodes. No, I imagine she did wander off quite a ways, maybe for a day or two. Then, as she slept in the bushes, an immortal redneck with an appetite for human flesh sauntered by. “Mommy?” “Nom nom nom.”

Where are they getting all of this gasoline anyway? Literally every time they go into town something horrible happens.

What was that black stuff on Carol’s hands? Zombie blood? Nothing a little water won’t take off.

I love how the characters always still drive on the right side of the road. In a zombie apocalypse. They haven’t seen any other drivers…ever. Yet they don’t seem to mind driving without seatbelts on. Actually, I wold probably do the same thing.

Anyone else notice how this was the episode for the survivors to let others in on the secrets they had been keeping? Dale tells Lori that he thinks Shane killed Otis. Glenn tells Rick he gave Lori the morning after pills. But why? To remind the viewers of what happened months earlier.

I love how Daryl points out how selfish Lori is. Not only is she asking someone else to do her work for her, but she’s asking him to do what she didn’t want Rick and Glenn to do in the first place (go into town, since it’s dangerous)! Also, isn’t Daryl probably still, you know, recovering from getting shot in the head? And what exactly was Lori’s plan to bring people back from the town? To talk to them some more? Didn’t her argument already not work? Her whole point was that Rick shouldn’t go because he needs to raise their son. So she goes alone into town? Great plan! It’s a place she apparently isn’t even super sure how to drive to! How is that safer for their son? I was so hoping that the car would burst into flames after it flipped over. If only. Maybe she’ll be disfigured and walk with a limp. Or better yet, maybe the car slowly catches on fire while the run-over zombie slowly comes to and crawls over. Unable to free herself, Lori is faced with…FLAMING ZOMBIE!

The bar was absolutely too neat and tidy. I don’t know about y’all, but one of the third or fourth things I’d probably do in the event of a zombie apocalypse would be to raid the closest bar. For, um, liquids to…sanitize wounds.

Wait, so how much time has passed  since the B Team loaded up the zombie corpses? We see the house in the distance, so it was maybe 100-200 yards that they drove. Yet in this same amount of time Rick has driven all the way into town and had a conversation with Hershel. Either they sure were taking their sweet time unloading the zombies, or it was sloppy editing.

Finally, new people! And one of them is Renee from True Blood season 1! He plays a charming evil character; no surprises there. I love how Rick immediately declines to take in the two random survivors (though obviously they appear to have other motives, besides boozing) despite not being the leader of Magic Farm. Or having a history of taking in random survivors before. Or having been the original random survivor joining a group of other survivors. Nope. They definitely deserved to die.


One thought on “The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 8 – Midseason Premiere

  1. funnynurse says:

    I am also hoping that Lori’s wounds are too severe for Vet Hershel to mend. Or maybe the car accident causes her to have a spontaneous abortion (ie- lose her unborn baby)
    And Daryl is my favorite character on TV ever for some reason. With his crossbow and his necklace of ears and his knowledge of American History, I would totally share his tent.

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