Project Runway All Stars: Episode 5, Nudie Muses

This week starts with the challenge announcement in Central Park, but then they all immediately go to Union Square, 40-60 blocks away. Why? Because that’s where the production staff have placed various models and already-willing “strangers.” I’m sure there was some Diesel cross-promotion too. Did anyone else see the 1-armed man? I think he was talking to Rami. Not-Heidi (real name, Laura?) is the worst. She’s like the Real Housewives‘ friends who aren’t actually on the show, so they try to insert themselves and appear edgy. I refer to them as the “hangers-on.” This episodes was sort of all over the place. What did everyone think?


MJ: Dislikes it. I think it’s a mildly successful swimsuit. I like the color. But wasn’t his look supposed to be emblematic of the girl he saw in the park? If I saw someone wearing this in Union Square I would think 1) Eww, this place is dirty, and on that note, 2) Eww, who is that hoochie?

DM: Loves it. Sure you can’t wear it down the street unless it’s a boulevard by the ocean, but it’s super cute and I love the demure colors. It’s the perfect storm of sexy and sweet.


MJ: Dislikes it. I don’t like the various elements. They’re disparate and don’t read from far away. Worse, he took one of the coolest muses and managed to increase both the slut and business angles. There is a term for that: working girl

DM: Loves it. It’s cutesy/futuristic/military. Who knew those three things could be good?


MJ: Loves it. The top is great. I like the high waste. The jacket is simple but fits. Compared to the picture of her muse, I’d say this is an outfit she’d want to wear on a good day. There’s maybe something too simple about it, but it comes off clean.

DM: Hates it. Those pants look like a diaper with pant legs. And it’s boring…


MJ: Loves it. The pants are really, really cool. And that’s saying a lot from someone who generally hates patchwork. Again, the muse compares favorably with the final look, except in this case it’s her cooler older sister? Good job, Mila.

DM: Hates it. Boring. I personally don’t like that pattern blocked pant look. The shirt was just a shirt. But I did like the jacket, even if it is nothing special.


MJ: HATES IT. There is absolutely something really interesting with the matador shoulder part…but that’s it. This redefines my understanding of hot mess. There’s so much going on with pattern and color mismatching that I hardly noticed it doesn’t even really work as a garment to begin with. Can anyone think of a place for this besides a color blind gypsy camp? And then she’s wearing pumps for some reason? Awful.

DM: Hates it. I am not really sure I even need to comment. It’s schizophrenic tribal hooker.


MJ: Likes it. I’m not especially moved by this one, but it’s a nice ensemble. I feel like the hat and purse — things he didn’t design — contribute just as much to the overall appeal as do the shorts, blouse, and vest. The shorts are pretty cool, though, with the metallic piping.

DM: Hates it. I don’t like the print and I like it even less on a ruffle. Again, nothing spectacular.


MJ: Loves it. At first glance this was a “hates it,” but the more I look the more I like. It’s among the few that truly don’t look like an assemblage of random bits of garment. It’s very Kenley too. I love the contrast and the sparing use of the neon color sections. It seems to fit really well, and it looks expensive. I feel like I haven’t seen this before.

DM: Loves it. A new silhouette for Kenley! But I’m sorry I have no idea where someone would have to work in order to be wearing this there… It’s fun and flattering, though, for a non-workplace environment.


MJ: Likes it. I think he’s relied too much on the fuchsia pants, but overall it’s fine I guess. Something about it seems incomplete. It’s neither the worst nor the best. I don’t feel much about it.

DM: Loves it! It’s classic and tailored, but the colors keep it young! And nice usage of that crazy print on the clutch.


MJ: Hates it. Wow…What has happened to you this season, Mondo? I hate so much about this that I don’t know where to start. First of all the styling is just atrocious. What is that ridiculous red bag, and who did her hair? Laureal should request a refund for their endorsement. I’m avoiding the subject. The outfit is just really, really ugly. The green sleeves awkwardly meet up with a bizarrely short zip-up bodice thing, which hastily sits over what can best be described as a kaleado-coochie-scope skirt. This woman legitimacy looks like she’s on drugs.

DM: Loves it. While I don’t think I would ever have the courage to wear all of those pieces together, I can easily imaging the girl who would. I LOVE that jacket. And I prefer the whole look with the jacket open. Jerell, this is how to style a bikini top.


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