BTYM Podcast: Episode 31, Nerd Haven

No amount of prefacing, caveating, or just plain downplaying can alter the unmistakable fact that Chelsea and Michael have really set a record for pretentiousness in this week’s podcast.

You see, dear listeners, we didn’t technically meet in college when we were resident advisors together, as mentioned in our earlier posts. No, that’s when we became friends. In fact, we had met fully 2 years prior at a little place we like to call

The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Dun dun dun!

“S&M” for short.

There is only one place this can go, and it is not an antonym for smug. Don’t believe me? Check out the sweet-ass medal we received upon graduation, found after the break.Listen in browser here:

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One thought on “BTYM Podcast: Episode 31, Nerd Haven

  1. […] under 18. Exams were quickly cancelled, although we could voluntarily still take them (it was a nerd boarding school) for practice (which I did). I remember feeling very little emotionally, even though the person who […]

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