Alcatraz: Episode 4

Welcome to Alcatraz — a prison of wonder and mystery! Where prisoners go missing, and then show up again in present day San Francisco!

This week, we are introduced to Cal Sweeny, a notorious bank robber and murderer. He seduces old-lady bank tellers and then uses them to gain access to the safety deposit boxes. He is on the prowl in 2012 and ready to blast open the skull of anyone who stands in his way. Along the way, it seems we may just find out a little more about the strange time-travelling government conspiracy.

I sat down with a member of the production team to answer a few of my questions about this week’s episode.

What was your favorite scene in this episode?

Surprisingly enough, it was the Dim Sum scene…for several reasons. First, Dim Sum has been brought up in several past episodes, the Lady Detective Rebecca seems to be obsessed with it. Dim Sum shows up as take-out, and now we get to sit down and eat it. A sign of how obsessed she is — she speaks Mandarin to the hostess and orders the dishes by name. It is so fun to watch a white person love Asian culture! I mean, most of the time, it is a Nebraskan teenager who loves Anime, so this is a nice change of pace.

Also, the morbidly obese Doc hates Dim Sum. I think America will call shenanigans on that one. The greasy, salty deliciousness that is Dim Sum is a draw for almost everyone. When food gets served to you in bite-sized dumpling form, it takes an iron will to refuse it. And no offense, but ain’t no one buying that this guy will say “no” to food.

Wow, Okay. Um, there were some interesting weapons used in this episode, can you talk about how you chose them?

I assume you are talking about the syringe of paralytics jammed into the neck? Yeah, that was fun to write and then not explain at all. So, if you are a criminal, the only place to give an injection is straight into the neck. Look at Dexter. I mean, we make no references to the medication he injected, or how it would be a lot easier for police to search for the  sedative manufacturer as a way to capture the assailant, but come on, a syringe to the neck is so dramatic!

The cattle gun thing, called a captive bolt pistol, I just flat out stole from No Country for Old Men. I thought it would be cool.

Since we are talking about weapons, I guess it is a good time to mention that, once again, Detective Rebecca once again just tosses her firearm aside. I swear, no one in all of police TV has ever thrown a gun away so much.

Is there anything Dr. Soto doesn’t know?

Nope. He is the brains of the operation, he is the fact giver, the plot mover, the idea man. If you need to know about Alcatraz history, he is all over it. If you need to know about gun scopes, cherry pie, architecture, sports. I am telling you, throughout the show, he will prove to be both comically incompetent and intellectually invaluable.

Well, actually, I guess there is one thing he doesn’t know. Dr. Soto has an encyclopedic knowledge and eidetic memory when it comes to the Alcatraz Penitentiary, yet he did not uncover the truth about the Lucy/San Gupta thing. He can hear a slight reference of a crime over the police scanner and recognize the criminal instantly, yet he is face to face with a part of Alcatraz history and doesn’t have a clue.  Indeed, one would think that a female and Indian doctor would stick out, but apparently not for Dr. Soto.

When will the secret of the Key make more sense? We have two of them now but barely any info.

I disagree, we showed you the keys both times in this episode, we even showed you those keys in action…you, know, unlocking that door. We even went so far as to show you the chemical and trace substance analysis done by those nerds. What more does America want? You should know by now, full-on plot development and mystery solving will not come in a JJ Abrams show until the series finale.

Well, I hope that helped. Looks like you must keep watching each week to see how the story develops.


4 thoughts on “Alcatraz: Episode 4

  1. funnynurse says:

    After some sleuthing and seeing that AGAIN the Dim Sum place appeared in more episodes, I am sorry to say that you will have travel further north if you want to eat at this particular Dim Sum establishment.
    Apparently, this particular location is in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    Do not let this stop you, San Fran has an amazing China Town and you should totally do Dim Sum there if indeed that it is your final destination. Get some Char Siu Bao. Some Shumai. If you need more insight on Dim Sum, I direct you to the bythatyoumean,com podcast about it.
    Have fun in San Fran. I recommend Asia SF for some good transgendered times!

    • Chuck says:

      Ooh, I’m 950 miles closer to Vancouver than San Francisco. Just an annoying border in the way, and a lot of self-entitled Canucks fans.

      When Dim Sum is the plan, we often head to a place on Cambie Rd near No 5 in Richmond. This goes on my must-try list. Thanks.

      – Chuck

  2. Chuck says:

    Does anyone know what restaurant the Dim Dum place is? I want to go there.

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