BTYM Podcast: Episode 30, Art of the Table

It’s time for one last episode from the fruitful 2011 Seattle trip, folks, so strap yourself and get ready cuz this one’s a doozy! We culminated things as we typically do, with an absurd tasting dinner, in this case at Art of the Table.

Do the words “organic,” “local,” and “sustainable” titilate you? Well, you have a problem. Seriously. Stop harassing us with your farm slash-fanfiction, really!

Oh, podcast. Right. Well, though we take a fairly linear path through explaining each course (of which there were more than what appear on the menu, which we’ve included here) and how we felt, the meal was anything but ordinary. There’s really no way to explain without listening, but we’ll give you some hints: gong, hot air balloon, wedding ring

Oh, and bonus gallery after the break!

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Bonus Gallery:


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