Once Upon a Time: Episode 10

Here we are again, another week of mystery and discovery in the little town of Storybrooke.

I may be overselling this a bit.

Since this show is a little convoluted, the first minutes of the opening are a recap of what is important. Even as an avid watcher, I am glad for this because I forget who is supposed to be whom from which time period in love with which other characters…oh and there is a child! Ugh, I am begging for some resolution.

I will get none in this episode.

Instead, this week is all about love. Can past love cross the gap of time and curse to become present love? Even when not one, but TWO of the characters have amnesia?

Turns out SPOILER ALERT no one cares.

The best parts of this episode were, in my opinion, when we find out about the EIGHTH dwarf (suck it Dopey) and get a little more background on Red Riding Hood. Some nerdy part of me really enjoys thinking that all these fairy tale peeps were all friends, hanging out, helping each other. I still want those get-togethers to be more Game of Thrones than Winnie the Pooh, but whatever.

I guess I am just jaded and this whole love thing really didn’t do it for me. I also had to try and remember some of the Snow White/Mary Margaret ~ Prince Charming/David subplots and storyline since it has [mercifully] been weeks since we got all up in this love story. I am not even sorry that I forgot all about this love story. Sure, the marriage of Snow and Charming was the catalyst to the Evil Queen banishing the whole fairy tale world into non-being, so why should the writers spend more time on it than they have to? Just plug the names of the lovers into the “typical TV relationship” algorithm and blindly produce whatever the machine pumps out.

So, skip this one — unless you are just aching to know who the new dwarf is or how much more memory loss this show can possibly handle. Watch Alcatraz instead.


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