Project Runway All Stars: Episode 3

Well this week’s Project Runway All Stars was sort of all over the place, and fittingly, the final looks were polarizing for our critiquers. Given that the challenge was to dress a Muppet, it’s perhaps not surprising that many of the “gowns” skirted the line between costume and hooker.

What did y’all think? Leave your comments after the break.

Oh, and if anyone can find a photo of the dress Miss Piggy actually wore to the premiere of The Muppets Movie, send us an email. It would appear she didn’t in fact wear it. Diva.

Michael (Winner)
MJ: Loves it. I think this is an interesting take on the challenge, although it more than passingly resembles a discarded Christmas bow.
GC: Likes it. I deem this dress merely passable; the colors are too autumnal. I like the bows and the hat. I wish the color popped more. And black leather gloves. Not Piggy.
DM: Likes it for this challenge, Hates it in real life. In real life, it’s too short for many women to pull it off without looking like a hooker, and that bow is just a tad too big to not look ridiculous in a real cocktail party setting.  I’m not really a fan of the colors, either. Maybe it would look more refined without the black detailing. BUT this is not a real life challenge, and in this case this dress would look far better on a pig than most of the other designs.

MJ: Hates it. It’s very boring, not at all for Miss Piggy, and there is something weird going on with the cut of the top. I want it to either show me more or less of the sheer fabric. The feathers are also inappropriately allotted. There should either be way more or way less of them. It looks ratty.
GC: Loves it! Again a little dark for Miss Piggy, but again, she would like the feather flair. Might be a little short for those piggy thighs.
DM: Hates it all around. Of course this would look terrible on a pig, but it also looks weird on the model. What is going on with that tulle at the bottom? It doesn’t look even, but thank god it’s there because if it weren’t the model’s butt would be hanging out. Did April just run out of fabric and throw that tulle in? I actually like everything going on at the top, but it’s way too goth for this challenge.

MJ: Hates it. There is something very costume about it and not in a good way. I hate the black polka-dot pink fabric down low almost as much as I hate the black mess on the sounders. And what’s with the styling? It’s a reject from American Horror Story.
GC: Likes it. OH Jerell, this is the third week in a row where you are merely meh. Its cute, Miss Piggy might wear it, it looks like an old lady top and teen skirt.
DM: Hates it all around. There’s way too much going on between the cut-out print, the furry sleeves, the lace and the different colors of bling. But also, the proportions are off. The color screams tween, but the cut screams grandma. This dress is having an identity crisis.

MJ: Hates it. Who the shit is going to wear this? This is the look she fought with Austin about gloves? It’s a nightmare. I have no idea what is going on with the sunglasses, makeup, and jewelry. She’s a preteen upper-class whore? I’m so confused. Why accentuate her bust if there are no boobs to speak of?
GC: Likes it. The gloves were what made it Piggy, otherwise it’s a little power bitch dress with pink piping and a peep hole. I guess Miss Piggy is kind of a power bitch. She might wear this to seduce Kermit.
DM: Hates it all around. This is what Miss Piggy would wear as a street walker.

MJ: Loves it. This is exactly what the challenge called for. It’s dramatic yet simple. I love the pink giraffe print. I even don’t dislike the crazy fascinator because, after all, this is for a Muppet. It fits the model well, and there’s even some interest in the cut of the bust line. My only complaint I guess is that we’ve indeed seen this before.
GC: Loves it. I hate to say it. It’s super fun and perfect for the challenge. It’s a new twist on the love of animal prints, and the tulle poof hat adds a flamboyant twist that makes the whole look more adult and more cheeky at the same time. The top is a little awkward, but hey.
DM: Loves it. Let’s face it Kenley does not design for grown women, but 17 year olds everywhere should go gaga for her designs. I would never let my 17 year old daughter out of the house with a neckline like that though…  And I actually think this design would look good on that pig in question.

MJ: Likes it. I love the play with the fabrics. The black semi-transparent stripey print mixed with the deep purple is really nice. It’s obviously tailored well, but it can’t possibly be something Miss Piggy would wear.
GC: Loves it! The stripe and the feathers, the sheer back and the asymmetrical hem, I would wear it in a flash. It’s a little subdued for miss piggy, she is basically a drag queen, and a drag queen might wear this to a funeral.
DM: Hates It for this challenge, Loves it in real life. Cute, flirty and fun, but would look ridiculous in a pig ( I can’t believe that it is a legitimate sentence in this critique). This challenge requires a silhouette with a very (human) womanly shape in order to give the client (very decidedly not a human woman) the illusion of being a woman. Ugh, I hate this challenge.  In any other challenge, this hands down would have been the best dress.

MJ: Hates it. Oh my stars, what was Rami thinking? The pink was beyond my television’s ability to represent accurately, so I’m left with a neon eye-singing glow. The headpiece…? The ridiculous frilly collar…? I just can’t imagine this being sexy on anyone, muppet or not. It’s atrocious.
GC: Loves it. Perfect for piggy, horrible for life. He got the challenge and should have won. I might have had a Barbie with that same dress.
DM: Loves it all around. For this challenge, it’s perfect. There’s fun color. The silhouette is flattering and womanly. And there’s whimsy, which is totally necessary when dressing a pig as a human. Maybe I’m a little sentimental here, but I had a dress very similar to this in high school that I LOVED. I wore it as a Shark in my school’s production of West Side Story. Maybe that means it’s a little costume-y, but sometimes even real life needs a little drama.

MJ: Likes it. Again, I think this is inappropriate for Miss Piggy, but it’s nonetheless pretty cool. We’re approaching Tim Burton’s Alice and Wonderland, but I still sort of like it. It’s very Mila.
GC: Likes it, though not for Piggy. Not good at all for Piggy. She could have done the exact same dress in pink and white, and it would be perfect.
DM: Hates it all around. It’s boring and not anything Miss Piggy would ever wear.

Gordana (Eliminated)
MJ: Loves it. Yes, it is absolutely a pink nightgown, but it is perhaps the most appropriate for the challenge. When I picture Miss Piggy I picture a cliche starlet in her silk gown in front of the makeup mirror/lights, being interviewed by, I dunno, Animal or something. This pink frock looks a littler out of place on the model, sure, but you can easily see it on a felt pig…which is a good thing?
GC: Likes it. If Miss Piggy were prepping for a sex scene she would wear this flowy number. It’s super cute, just wrong for the cocktail challenge.
DM: HATES IT all around. That color is UGLY. And did she get the challenge confused with one in which she’s supposed to make a 1960’s nightie? And WTH are those dangling things underneath the arms? They add nothing to the dress. No one, not even a pig, would wear this…

MJ: Likes it. Austin gets a pass because it’s obviously well made, what with the heavy detailing in the bodice and whatnot, but it’s also a little…boring? What is going on with those bows, by the way?
GC: Hates it! What woman wants huge bows on her sides? Those are a huge mistake. The rest of the dress looks like something you would buy at the mall at Bebe.
DM: Hates it all around. It looks cheap and slutty. So maybe it is good for this challenge? Those bows look like little propellers, and the model is going to take flight any moment now! And if you are going to make such a tight satin slut dress, why use a satin that’s not smooth? It looks like he just didn’t have time to iron the garment before it hit the runway.

MJ: Hates it. This one teetered on the hates/loves it line, but I settled on hate because of 1) the atrocious hair, 2) the model’s grin, and 3) the weird darted skirt. The fabric is fun but ultimately doesn’t save it.
GC: Hates it, The dress is fine really, but I can’t get over the model’s football hair. I have nothing more to say.
DM: Hates it all around. This guy needs to make a collection in order for any of this designs to make sense in context. Set against all of his competitors, his designs are just too out there. From the hair to the stiff shiny dress, he was so obviously going for a Jetsons look. But WTH does that have to do with this challenge? I don’t think he’s paying any attention to what the challenges are, but just making whatever he hell he wants to.

Other Thoughts
MJ: The judging was incredibly boring. Or perhaps all of the dresses weren’t that bad. There was barely any distinction made between the worst and the best looks. I could hardly tell what the judges liked.
GC: Could the designers cream for Piggy more? They were a little too excited about a puppet and were getting a little hard to listen too.
DM: I hated this week’s challenge. So my comments tend toward the negative. Can you tell I never liked Miss Piggy? Even as a kid, I thought she was super annoying and clingy to that frog boyfriend of hers. What kind of message does that send to little girls?


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  1. Anonymous says: it appears she did wear it, although it looks like it was at another event. An interview maybe? Can’t tell.

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