BTYM Podcast: Episode 25, Christmas Special

Do they know it’s ChrismaKwanUkkah at all? It’s your favorite time of the year…the By That You Mean Podcast Christmas Special Spectacular ‘Splosion! Everyone’s getting diamonds. “You get a diamond. And you get a diamond. And you get a diamond. Everyone gets diamonds.”

What? We’re in a mood for diamonds.

But in all seriousness, Christmas can be a time of ups and downs as we all know, so let’s listen back to a few anecdotes from Michael and Chelsea, the Hosts of Christmas Past. See what I did there?

How’d your Christmas Special podcast go? We’d like to know, so leave us a comment. Oh…you don’t have a Christmas Special podcast…or a podcast at all? Hrm, well someone looks embarrassed.

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2 thoughts on “BTYM Podcast: Episode 25, Christmas Special

  1. Jerch says:


  2. pjrw says:

    For all of you who want to send animals to people who need them, donate through the Heifer Foundation:

    I mean, how can you go wrong giving a goat?

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