SNL: Jimmy Fallon/Michael Buble

1 cup idling comedy show
1 cup sketch artist who laughs all the time
1 cup recycled sketches from seasons past
Bake for one episode (approx. 69minutes plus commercials)
You will have yourself one mediocre SNL- please enjoy at your discretion.

So it starts, Jimmy Fallon has gone from chronic sketch-ruiner to host. I cannot lie, as a young girl, I thought Jimmy Fallon was the bee’s knees. With his guitar playing, boyish charm and (though I hate to admit) ability to imitate almost any singer made me kind of fall in love with him. I watch every episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I was actually super excited to see that JF would be joining the cast just in time for Christmas.

There is a moment of dread that happens when an old cast member hosts. With the change in time comes the change in cast members and one is left with a sad facsimile of some of the best years in television. I have seen this with Tine Fey and Amy Poehler and others as they try to recreate the sketches that made them famous. Thankfully, this would not be a problem tonight because literally half the cast of (in my opinion) the best years in SNL showed up to assist — we have the two ladies listed above, Rachel Dratch, Chris Kattan, Horatio Sans and even Tracy Morgan. Throw in Jude Law and you might just think it was 1999 all over again.

Okay, all that said, it was actually an enjoyable show. Not 1999 enjoyable, but like, kind of? We see Pat Sullivan and ZaZu, we have the mirror scene (made famous with Jimmy and Mick Jagger) with Jimmy and Andy playing Jimmy, there is the Christmas Quartet and some good ole Jimmy/Tina/Amy/Seth Weekend Update time. Those were good, but by no means the best parts of the show. Instead, we have the commercial for a Michael Buble Duets album that was so funny. Nothing makes me feel the Yuletide spirit like mocking celebrities (Kanye West, MIA, Sting, Russel Brand, Ke$ha, Tom Yorke, and Justin Bieber get blasted…and I love it).

The Beethoven MC, where the composer introduced his band, was original and hilarious for such nerdy reasons.Who doesn’t want a shout-out to their oboists? Or a joke about a French Horn being like a lady? It was funny, I promise. Kristen Wiig playing a drunk, belligerent Kathie Lee Gifford is one of my favorite impersonations. Though I have never watched Today with Kathie Lee & Hoda, I assume that Hoda is a true journalist who is stuck with an old, worn-out Kathie Lee.

If you are a true New Yorker, you will appreciate that there were TWO sketches this week about Broadway (which is totally not dead, thank you lots Book of Mormon!).

As for Michael Buble, I have to stick to my Canadian guns on this one — he is a male Celine Dion? A good Bryan Adams? A younger Paul Anka? Whatever. Point is, though I do not listen to his music and have not bought an album, he is someone I would listen to or would buy if I just got around to it. There were some awkward times when Mr. Buble would try a little too hard to get the audience to clap to their hands, but other than that, he seemed very comfortable up on stage belting out classic Christmas tunes.

This was an SNL from Christmas Past melded with Christmas Present, and it did not make me want to vomit my guts out. On the contrary, it was a well crafted blend of all the reasons SNL has lasted for a bijillion seasons.


One thought on “SNL: Jimmy Fallon/Michael Buble

  1. Jerch says:

    I laughed a lot during this episode. I think it was maybe the best of the season, or at least the best in a while. Yah, the cameos were pretty gratuitous, and yah, they reminded me just how subpar the current cast is (except Kristen Wiig)…but that doesn’t make them unwelcome or unfunny!

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