Once Upon a Time: Episode 7

Uh oh America. It has happened. My utter disgust at this crap-ass television show has turned into something slightly more enjoyable…something akin to entertainment.

I KNOW! Please, don’t loose all respect for me, and let me try and explain.

There is this hot actor….nope, let me start again.

You know how I thought this show was too childish? Well this hot actor is sexing up the place with his sexy sex-times. He is “The Hunstman,” and he is hunting my heart. Not enough? Well, let me continue.

This episode finally allows another character to remember their pre-curse life. The Sherrif/Huntsman character starts to remember and begins to question the reality. Some truth bombs are ’bout to get dropped all over Storybrooke.

This episode brings some credibility to the town’s beliefs that things are just not quite right, but it also opens a whole crap-load of questions that will (fingers crossed!!) help move this story along.

Sure, at the surface, it just seems like this gorgeous hunk of man-meat is shame-spiraling after getting balls deep in the Evil Queen, but it is truly tearing apart the facade of this town.

Um, and just in case it has been a while since you have seen or read Snow White, the hunstman is the guy the Evil Queen hired to kill Snow White, but he chickened out and let her go free. As punishment, the Evil Queen took his heart. GET IT– there are layers! Symbolism! Adult things! Heart Ownership!

And, not to ruin too much, but what do you think happens when an Evil Queen’s curse is about to be broken? If you guessed “She gets mad” then you are correct. Think “girl fights” and “soul crushing” and “imma kill you” type things!

So, America/readers/perhaps I was hasty in my condemnation of this show.

With sexy time and, ugh, costumes that would make the Haus of Gaga die with envy, you will just have to stay tuned to see how this whole thing plays out.

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