American Horror Story: Episode 10

Once again we have no time to waste; American Horror Story waits for no one.

Needless to say, I’m excited not just that the flashbacks and characters are coming together and making sense, but also because they’re still surprising. No, I didn’t really predict that Tate was the cause of Burny Face’s titular attribute. Obviously, I assumed that was a result of the fire that consumed his family. I guess this definitively means he’s alive [since he was burned away from the house]. Plus, we finally see his Burny Family (fantastic makeup/effects by the way). Immolation is always a great way to start an episode!

I too was surprised that his burning came from elsewhere. 1994: what a year for Murder House!

It was a watershed year, really.

Poor Mrs. Coach Taylor. Raped, held prisoner, tortured, impregnated with the anti-Christ. She has nowhere to go, physically. There better be some sort of huge payoff for her coming.

Yes, I feel like the writers sort of took advantage of how likable Connie Britton is and used it as an excuse to leave her character undeveloped. She is the archetypal female lead/ victim in any old horror movie, which is clearly tired. When she gets out of the psych ward they need to up the ante with her.

You’re right, and I dare say her character is maybe the most in danger of losing relevance? Which is of course a huge shame, because Connie Britton is a gift. We’re nowhere near the finale, so here’s hoping the writers are saving the best for last.


My only concern with the Black/Boy Dahlia subplot is, why would there be such an enormous gap between the two murders? Surely the 1920’s Gyno would have chopped up someone else over the past 70 years or whatever? “Even dead, even a boy, he’s twice the man you are.” “Well, he is now.” Hrm…you get only a half point for that one, but I’m watching you, writers.

I cackled at that line. Constance was on FIRE this episode, especially when being questioned by the police. I guess the Black Dahlia plot-let is over now that Burny Face has confessed. I’ll miss him skulking around though; Murder House needed a live person to hide all the bodies, ya know? “I will remember youuuuu…doo da doo doo doo. Will you member me?”

Ah ha ha ha. Pun intended? Constance was indeed on fire. She was frankly carrying several scenes. I highly doubt this is the end of Burny Face, though. Do you really think he’ll disappear [other than during the filming of True Blood: Season 4 (look for the upcoming BTYM recaps!)]? Oh, and girl, I will admit it: I rewound to that picture of Bo.


Ugh, Dermot’s the worst father. What was that speech? Ham. Fisted. Ham double-fisted. He cares about Violet literally only when a police officer shows up. Minor complaint, but all of a sudden she’s some super-genius?

Yes, Dylan McDermot Mulroney continues to suck at everything. I totally agree that it is surprising that Violet is supposed to be so smart. I guess it is plausible, and we’ve just been mistaking her naivete for dim-wittedness.


I feel like with all of these disappearances and mysterious deaths over the years, there would have been a warrant for digging up Murder House’s yard, but oh well. I guess CFI: Canine Fecal Intent hadn’t come on the air by that point.

I guess Constance’s moving from Murder House helped keep them off the scent. Not strange at all that all these people would disappear and she’d move next door…nope, nothing to see here. Can I show you the gazebo?

“Oh, hello, officers. Might I interest you in some pie?” “Um, mam, there is obviously a syringe in the pie… Do you need some help.” “You eat this pie. You eat this pie, and you like it!”


Travis is taking his death rather well.

Oh Travis, so dumb. Ummm…did Travis see the “smoldering children” as smoldering? Cuz, wouldn’t you mention that elephant in the basement? Also, great episode title, and incidentally the name of my ill-fated My Chemical Romance cover band.

Also one of the quickest ways to get on the Google/DHS blacklist.


Two problems I have with the Dermot/Tate fight scene (neither of which is that they fight):

  1. Dermot’s towel stays perfectly on the whole time. 2) Sorry, Tate, but I seriously don’t think you’d be able to overpower Dermot.
  2. I agree with both of these wholeheartedly.

It is a travesty of epic proportions!


Woh! The House has the power to teleport people!?! Kersploosh, just kidding! We have our “seems dead but is alive/seems alive but is dead” character finally! Wow, I definitely never suspected it was Violet. Nice! Tate actually loves her. Did he want her to “commit suicide” so that she’d then be OK with her current state? Did she ever try to go to school, or did she really intentionally skip? It doesn’t really matter. I suspect if we were to go back through all of the episodes since her overdose, her appearances would have all made sense. You know, I was wondering why we hadn’t seen her school friend in a while.

I loved this. I’m a little embarrassed now that I didn’t even think this was a possibility. How could I not have? All the signs were there! I feel just like Dylan Mc Dermott Mulroney when he realized Tammy wasn’t lying: a damn fool. But, can you imagine having to spend eternity with your high school boyfriend? American Horror Story indeed.

OMG, yes, yes, and yes! Like, I said, I completely didn’t see this. But why? Was I so swept up in the more unusual characters? Looking back, it’s like a who’s who of hard to remember character names: Burny Face, Squinty Maid, Attic Child, Not-Eric Northman, etc. I guess I just didn’t really look to the simplest of explanations, that Violet was already dead. I truly am Dermot, and that is almost as scary as being stuck with your first “real” boyfriend for eternity. Right after this reveal, my power went out. The TV abruptly went out, and my speakers popped. I’m pretty sure it was a cat stepping on the switch of a surge protector. Or was it…


Were you at all expecting the big reveal under the house to be like, some sort of Native American burial ground or something else that would explain the continued MH curse?

Ha ha! Yes, I definitely expected some sort of mass child grave. Glad that didn’t come to pass. I must say, I let out a little scream/gasp when we saw Violet’s body with the flies coming out of the mouth. Also, that exterminator was a total weirdo. Are we going to be forced to see his ghostly self interacting with the others now? Ugh.


I think we need to do a known ghost count: Violet, Tate, Bo, 2 smoldering children, 1 smoldering wife, Hayden, Squinty Maid, Constance’s ex-husband, Travis, 3 nurse-murder groupies, 2 nurses, presumably the exterminator, Black Dahlia, ginger twins, 1920s lady, pig-baby, Dr. Pig Baby, Quinto and Faux-Eric Northman…hmmm…am I forgetting anyone? That is 24 ghosts!

I think you nailed it. Hmm…not counting the dog — which actually has been missing for quite a while but I’ll admit hasn’t died on screen — all I can think of is maybe Constance’s fourth child. We haven’t seen that one yet, right? The murdered school library kids don’t really count. Numerous unborn children?

That’s a good note as ever to end!

P.S. What does it say that I think 24 is a small number of people to have died to make 10 episodes of television entertaining and worthwhile?


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