SNL: Katy Perry/Robyn

Dear SNL. Why, in Christ’s name would you have Katy Perry host you?

I was annoyed that this fake plastic pop-star was chosen to host. I was simultaneously overjoyed that she was not the musician. I guess dancing around in a music video makes a wig-wearing auto-tuned Barbie appropriate for a late night performing gig. Oscar Winners (Hillary Swank, Christopher Walken, Ben Affleck, and Robert DeNiro just to name a few) have hosted this. It is a privilege and an honor. It is the stuff of Hollywood legend. So, fuck you Katy Perry. Having every song on Glee does not make you worthy.

Some funny bits were pulled out of the miasma; the Digital Short (Two Friends) was classic. I have mentioned several times that I enjoy when the cast does impressions, and this episode was full of them (Apocalypse and Doggie Duty).

J-Pop American Fun Times Now is “a loving version of racism” which focuses on a Harajuku/Anime/Japanese culture. This segment sucks out loud and I hate Vanessa Bayer. I have said it before, but that buck-toothed skank needs to have her contract terminated.

The rest of the sketches did not really stand out to me — not great, not awful, not memorable.

Oh, Weekend Update. I have a suggestion for you: stop doing funny news stories and instead, shift your focus only on interviews. This will work for several reasons:

  1. The interviews seem more like the sketches. The Update occurs after the first musical performance, I assume because otherwise, it would disrupt the flow of the show. The format is bad for this show and I think it needs to go.
  2. Seth Meyers’ delivery of the news is too dry and sarcastic. More often than not, it falls flat and gets very few applause.
  3. There are so many recurring character that we only see in the interviews (as seen this week with creative characters like Stefan, Rebecca the Flirt and Captain Alec Baldwin).
If Lorne decides to keep this segment, he should consider adding another host to keep up the witty interview-style banter.
As for the musical guest — I heart Robyn. Who else can go on stage (when a more famous performer is hosting the show) wearing 80s style spandex pants, platform Timberland and do random backwards somersaults? Poor little pixie, her and her pre-recorded vocals, no background singers and only a handful of drum/synth players to keep her company. She was energetic and passionate, singing her songs, dancing on her own. Robyn rocked it and reminded me that she is a better singer and artist than Katy Perry.
All in all, another…show. What I am trying to say is — if an iceman wanted to know what SNL is all about, do not let him view this episode because he will curse the unfunny hellscape that future has become. Yeah.

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