SNL: Steve Buscemi / The Black Keys

Prepare yourself, reader, because shit is about to get real. SNL is bipolar….manic-depressive…awful. After last week’s episode, I should have known that lightning could not strike twice. I prepared myself for the inevitable vomitorium that was to begin this Saturday at 11:35pm.

Perhaps it was because I was not expecting much that I was pleasantly surprised. No, it was not great, and nope, it was not even good. But this episode was not bad.

So, here comes the breakdown.

Bug-eyed, Cohen-Brother-lover Steve Buscemi was the host this evening. I do not know him for his comedy, but he is a character actor who can pretty much do anything. Well, anything but be sexy. Poor guy.

The episode started with the obvious political Fred Armisen cold-open. Not bad, but not good.

Then came the monologue. This was actually one of my favorite bits. Buscemi talks about the step up from character actor to leading man. He then takes questions from the audience, which is populated with stereotypical characters in various movie roles (girl in horror movie who gets separated from the group, black-man who gives advice to white guys). Not bad, but not great.

After the monologue comes the traditional fake commercial. This one was about how eating ethnic food will send a diarrhea blaster right through your sphincters. Thanks, Enchiladas!!

Here are some things that sucked:

  • Vanessa Bayer…just, what the hell…Miley Cyrus Show? Kill yourself. When the beginning of the sketch starts with why the sketch should be relevant, it should automatically be rejected. I thought Mya Rudolph/Whitney Houston could save it, but she kept flubbing her lines. I hope Bayer cut herself after just to feel something.
  • Playskool Surprise was so weird. The recurring character was Sue who just cannot contain her excitement over a surprise. It lacked the energy and it seemed like Kristen Wiig was on 10 while other characters were dialed down to 3.
  • Dateline. Bill Hadar is so strange, but when he plays a guy who gets a boner from murder, it all seems so right. I know that he is married, but oh my god, I could not even imagine him in a sexy way. He looks like a rapist.

Okay, now, drumroll please, the best sketch of the night (which was relevant two weeks ago, but whatevs) is when an athletic department investigates the person who looks most like a pedophile (spoiler — it is Steve Buscemi!!). It was slow, but funny and it referenced NAMBLA…which is totally a thing.

The Black Keys. They were perhaps the perfect band for tonight — kind of chill, kind of upbeat. I have heard of The Black Keys on the radio but could not name one of the songs if there was gun to my head. After watching their performance, I am now quite sure that every hipster-douche in DUMBO has the album on vinyl. Fake glasses. Converse Hi-Tops. American Spirit Cigs. Pabst Blue Ribbon. $20 Bed Head Wax. Brooklyn Industries Vintage Tees. Nailed it.

Overall, this week was slow, funnyish and trying desperately to flesh-out 90 minutes. Pre-recorded commercials, Digital Shorts and Sex-Workshops can only get a show so far. No Andy Samberg, minimal Kristen Wiig and too much of the “featured” actors really hurt this show. Safe episode. Boring episode. Kind of a good episode. Spend your time elsewhere.


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