The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 7

It’s the midseason finale, or as my husband calls it the “not spend a lot of money by making the seasons artificially short” episode. Zombies!

By the way, and this isn’t a question, but I can’t overlook that there was some truly awesome makeup this episode. If TWD doesn’t win an Emmy for makeup/costumes at least, then there is no god.

But there a lot of things that indeed merit questioning, namely:

So our survivors arrange in front of Zombie Barn in broad daylight — amusingly in the sort of perfectly spaced-out yet random arrangement that would occur only in a fashion editorial — when they are told about the, uh, you know…zombies. They scream and shout and pace and shout and get really close to the zombies and shout…all the while never alerting Old Man Farmer? Why does Shane fiddle with the locks on the barn anyway? Is he hoping the zombies will “accidentally” get out and thus need to be killed? Um, what about just shooting them from the second floor? Oh, and later on the “watch duty” isn’t going to raise suspicion either? Remember when Old Man Farmer discovered when they were using his horse without permission? It took him like a few hours, and even then I think he was being nice by not immediately yelling at them. Plus, I think that’s lower on the list of obviously suspicious activities than hanging out near Zombie Barn. THEY SHOULD JUST BURN DOWN THE BARN AND RUN AWAY.

I hardly think it’s worth asking this yet again, but why do our survivors continue to be allowed to stay at the farm at all? As it has been made abundantly clear already, Old Man Farmer’s character is based on two things and two things only: 1) distrust our survivors yet trust that zombies can be saved and 2) remind our survivors how tenuous their relationship is. They even have a discussion ostensibly about Zombie Barn which quickly devolves into Rick shouting what amounts to, “yah but we need all of your resources and protection because I got a baby!” It’s like Rick changes his beliefs mid-sentence. He proceeds to go chew Shane out for his very real concern that if they are allowed to stay here there still is a barn full of zombies a couple of hundred feet from where they sleep!

Carl lays down the ultimatum that he’s not leaving until they find Sophia. Thankfully, this is given almost no screen time, but nonetheless: 1) What is Carl doing to help find Sophia, besides not jumping in front of more bullets [currently]? 2) Couldn’t, nay shouldn’t they be looking for Sophia elsewhere anyway? Like right now. For example, near the highway where she got lost in the first place? Or near where Daryl found that doll? Meh, it’s sort of a wash because this actor’s voice is clearly starting to change, and well, I think a zombie bite may be in his future!

Hmm, so are the farmers feeding the zombies in the barn? Because we know now that they do indeed eat each other. Well, there was really only that one concrete example (the guy in the tree), but surely they would have feasted on each other by now? Maybe this is indeed happening, but the farmers keep finding new zombies to save. Good thing zombies have a tendency to get stuck in the mud. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that. “Doopty doo, just walking through a creek on my way to lunch, and SCHLURKP. Oh crap. Good thing my body doesn’t need to maintain homeostasis.”

Ooh child, is there any worse way to persuade your jealous ex-lover to get off your back than to exclaim that the baby you’re carrying [which is most certainly his] won’t be publicly acknowledged to belong to him but instead his best friend and rival? Has she never seen daytime talk shows?

Other than Rick’s desire to keep his people safe by agreeing to the terms of Old Man Farmer, why does he so easily take his side [other than to provide a foil to Shane] with him on the “zombie’s can be saved” hypothesis? Remember when they were at the CDC and were shown an advanced video vividly depicting how the zombies are dead and regardless no longer human? And that there was indeed not only no cure, but all of the other institutions looking for a cure had “gone dark?”

How many zombies were in that barn!?! I counted roughly 50 gun shots! We’re led to believe Shane is the villain, but I’m not so sure he’s not the hero in this case.

[Spoiler Alert!] Why did the farmers let our survivors keep searching for Sophia if they knew they had a zombie little girl in the barn? Since they control the influx of zombies (who, you know, don’t just spontaneously come to the barn), it wouldn’t have been that hard to determine the timing involved and definitively conclude it was Sophia who had showed up the day before our survivors. Or worse, it could have also occurred after they had arrived. Yikes…

I’m not all cynicism here; I will admit that that was one surely heartbreaking ending. R.I.Z., Sophia.

And that’s it until February, folks! Hope you enjoyed the questioning.

What should I critique next?

[Spoiler Alert!] It’s probably going to be Rupaul’s Drag Race.

Start your engines.


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 7

  1. funnynurse says:

    I was so annoyed when a few episodes ago that random farmer lady (who was married to the fat guy who shot Carl/was killed by Shane) took a chicken, broke its leg and fed it to the zombies.
    Farmer daughter whore smashed eggs on Asian’s head!!
    Why are they wasting all the food? It is the goddamn Zombie Apocalypse! Stop destroying your resources, hillbillies!
    Also-I really need to start learning some names.

    • Jerch says:

      Oh I totally forgot about that. Ugh, it’s up there with taking a shower with drinking water. Though if I had to pick, I would definitely have chosen the shower over the, you know, feeding the zombies…

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