American Horror Story: Episode 8

A to the mezzo, H to the orzo, S to the um, orzo(?), we’re back for another episode of American Horror Story. First, I have something to reveal to you and to our readers: am There, now I feel better. On to the analysis!

For a moment I thought Latex Man was going to be revealed as Zachary Quinto, but then I realized I have a small crush on him. We all know that ain’t in the cards, though, honey.

Wait, you have a crush on Latex Man or Quinto? Just kidding. Did I ever tell you about how I saw Quinto in person that summer that M and I stayed in Silver Lake? He was wearing a sleeveless shirt and a fedora and getting coffee at the same place I was “studying” (drinking coffee and pretending to work on a screenplay.) He looked good.

Ah, ha ha ha ha. You so crazy, I think I wanna have yo baby. But in all seriousness, send me those pictures of ZQ.

Hmm, so more and more I think Murder House itself needs Tammy Taylor to have this baby. Maybe there is something the birth of a child will resolve, although the house continuously prevents the births of healthy babies? Unknown to it? Or the the reverse — MH is cursed and does everything possible to prevent healthy babies? I dunno. Clearly, Squinty Maid and Constance goading Tammy into having this baby and to stop with all the questions.

Now I’m thinking AHS is less an allegory of the real estate boom, and potentially a statement about how life begins at conception (presuming that the father is a ghost). Yes, the house needs babies, or the spirits and Constance need babies, but the house is standing in their way. Squinty Maid is an interesting figure within all this, since she is the only female spirit who doesn’t seem to have a connection to pregnancy/ motherhood, even though she is always advising Tammy about it. I think there is more to her story in that regard. Is Tammy special? Why her?

I totally never considered that, and you’re right. I suppose Squinty Maid’s death indirectly is tied to childbirth in the sense that sex was involved, but she never really spoke/speaks about some overarching desire for children (when that’s readily apparent with so many other spirits). There should definitely be more to her character, and I think we can agree she’s among the most interesting on the show. I am unsure whether to trustful or suspicious of her.

Small point, but why does Eric Northman-lite change in the living room…you know, other than to give us a shot of his cute butt? On that note, though, once again we’re privileged to the, ahem, intricacies of man-on-man sex. Because America’s ready for that? Not that I’m complaining!

I think it was their bedroom, but they have a lounge area (you know, fireplace, loveseat, coffee table/ toenail clipping area).

I had to laugh when he put the shirt on with no pants, cuz’ come on man, pants first, always. I was really excited by how committed the writers were to making the episode ALL ABOUT LATEX (TM) at the beginning, but started to lose my excitement upon seeing the frightening anal expander. I was really disappointed that Eric was so dismissive of Quinto’s sweet attempt to lure him back by donning latex. Also, they wanted a baby too? Geez.

I think Eric was dismissive in more ways than one, as can subtly be observed in the brutal method in which Tate murders him. Yes, the commitment to Latex is impressive, in the sense that I expect the unofficial AHS Wiki to have a section devoted entirely to it.

I do like that the spirits are starting to interact and move the plot/mystery along, but I also think that we’re losing some of the mystery and nuance by combining their continuities. There’s something very Doctor Who about it, and not that I don’t love DW, but this is not that sort of show. I’m worried we’re on the precipice of it becoming schlocky.  I’m not sure how this would work out per se, but I would have liked to have seen each spirit observe everything — including the other spirits — but still only perceive them in their own individual contexts. So like the 1920’s lady would see everyone and hear everything happening but would be like, “who is this whore, and why is she wearing raccoon makeup?” Rather, it felt a little Legion of Doom. Also, what happened to Tate blocking out his memories of his death? I suppose he was lying.

Yes, I think that they were on the right track with having the spirits interact, but got ahead of themselves with the writing. Like, we could have figured out Hayden (is that her name, or is that the dog? I can never remember) and 1920s lady wanted the baby through subtler methods. They should have drawn out “the gaslighting of Tammy Taylor” (also the title of my rejected YAF manuscript) over at least 2 episodes.

Yah it’s like, why do we need all of the spirits (who are numbering into the confusing level?) to spell out for us that babies are relevant to the Murder House and that there is something especially important about Tammy’s baby? We got it! I do sort of like, however, the quick scene where Hayden/Mistress #1 so casually kills Constance’s lecherous dead husband. But that begs the question: where has his spirit been all this time?

Also, where are Burney-face’s children who were set on fire? They should have turned up too.

Multiple people can perfectly fit into the latex suit? It’s the sex toy that keeps on giving. Also, wow, Tate sure is strong. Eric Northman, nooooooo! You died way too young. Good thing you’ll be back!

Ugh. I was disappointed when it was Tate, but not surprised.

Are we unable to like any character?

We like Morris Chestnut.


4 thoughts on “American Horror Story: Episode 8

  1. funnynurse says:

    Stupid Cylons! I also call Shenanigans on Tate getting his dry hump with mistress who clearly says “What is it about being dead that makes me so horny”. So, does that mean he thinks he is just a medium and not himself a ghost? Also, I hate that skinny Mistress bitch. Leave Coach Taylor’s wife alone, you white-trash skank.

    • Jerch says:

      Have you watched episode 9? Recap in progress. There are [spoiler alert] seriously going to be lots and lots of spirits in this house by season’s end. I wonder what happens to them when they aren’t appearing or interacting with the living? Is there some sort of spiritual green room? Where do they all go? If they disappear into nothingness, what does it feel and look like for them to reappear and disappear?

  2. Jerch says:

    I thought that too. The mistress also appeared in a car/not in the house after she had died and resurrected.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I am also annoyed/confused by how many random-ass murdered people just pop up. Will there be more? The nurses, the gays, the Tate family of children, mistress, 20’s era baby killers, flying pig-baby, the ginger twins the robbers- that right there totals 15.

    Random question. How did those robbers get to show themselves 1)in the car and 2) not on Halloween? I call Shenanigans!

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