The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 5

Jeez Louise, we’re already at episode 5 of the second season, and seriously almost nothing has happened. By this time last year the season had almost concluded itself. It’s not difficult to see that the writers have clearly had a little trouble extending the second season out. I almost think this show would be better as a 20-26 episode per season, half-hour program. But that is not the point, my friends, of this post. No! Instead, I have some questions for The Walking Dead…

First, an unrelated anatomical question from a guest anonymous contributor: How could the zombies be anything but very slow-moving, since their muscles have long since atrophied and decayed?

So in the teaser we learn the military decided to napalm Atlanta, obviously in a [failed] attempt to exterminate the infected. Maybe I’m forgetting something here, but were there any signs of fire and/or damage when we were in the city all those times? Even if we didn’t see it as viewers, wouldn’t the characters have mentioned it? Or even Rick in a sort of confused, delayed “they bombed their own people” way?

Granted, this is less of a critical question and more of an opinion but…do any of us actually care about Sophia McPlotDevice?

In spite of their many odd choices, these characters have somehow survived the zombie apocalypse, for the most part. Yet, they seem incredibly prone to slashing and/or impaling themselves every other day. Maybe they should be a little more careful? I mean, is that arrow through Daryl’s organs? Maybe my nurse friend can help me with this one, but what is the harm in immediately pulling it out if it went through mostly skin and muscle? Because the fins would cause more damage? Take care of yourself, Daryl.

Hmm, so obviously Merle’s depicted as a hallucinatory motivational speaker, but I sort of choose to believe he’s alive and that it was really him. Anyone else? Alright, so that’s clearly not the case. It was a nice touch that we didn’t get to see his stump at first, because it made me seriously consider the possibility that he had like outfitted it with makeshift Wolverine claws. That’s what I would have done.

Carl’s healed by now, right? So why is the old crazy man still allowing our crew to remain on his enchanted farm? He explicitly stated he’d let them stay since, you know, his colleague accidentally shot Carl in the first place. Oh wait, it’s because this whole farm thing makes no sense. Also, I love how the old crazy man complains that they’re “going through the antibiotics so quickly,” because 1) um, yes, I agree, but 2) wait, didn’t our crew go and get those antibiotics for him? I suppose it’s easy to forget important things like that when you’re running an enchanted zombie-blocking farm.

What’s worse, wasting a bullet or not being able to hit a slow-moving zombie?

It’s plainly obvious that everyone knows what’s going on with Glenn and hottie farm girl, but do they have to be so blatant about it at dinner? No one is speaking; they can hear that paper!

And then of course we have the shocking cliffhanger ending, which I will not dignify with a question because it continues to not explain the magic farm.


One thought on “The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 5

  1. funnynurse says:

    While well-versed in bullet wounds, my experience with arrows is minimal. I believe I remember a discussion in school that went a ‘lil something like this
    – For the love of God, do NOT remove the arrow yourself because it will cause even more damage pulling it out. Also, the arrow itself, depending on location of course, may be providing some much needed pressure on damage vessels/organs and removing it can cause bleeding.
    In my super professional opinion, if I happened to stumble across Daryl in the woods, then I would do this- he is clearly able to move around and there is mild bleeding. Based on the location of the arrow, I would guess it missed bowel but may have damaged the kidney (a dangerous game). I would try to snap off the feathered-end and the barbed-end. The only way I would remove it is if I could slide it out cleanly. But, in all likelihood, that was a steel shaft with a razor-tip, so it will be a no go. If able- a mini-laparotomy to check out the damage/remove arrow, and a full on laparotomy if a repair to organs is needed.
    Chances are, by some TV miracle, Daryl does not have serious injuries and will be fine. In the real world, he would probably die of peritonitis.
    I also found this cool journal article about 19th Century US Army treatment of arrow wounds.(
    It is nice to know I will have some valuable skillz in the post-apocalyptic future hell-scape!!

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