BTYM Podcast, Episode 20 – Fishy Freedom

The following podcast may contain content not suited for children, the elderly, vegans, or 1940’s Europe.


Hey, hey, hey! We’re back again this week with yet another stellar, totally inappropriate podcast. It’s episode 20, and that feels somehow…praise-worthy? Yah, so get those accolades ready, because we’re jumping the shark and talking about going from hating to loving fish. No, not that kind of fish. The kind that lives in the ocean.

In all seriousness, this podcast is neither tame nor dialed back. Do not, I repeat DO NOT listen if you have a pace-maker, are allergic to shellfish, or just in general are upset with bodily functions.

By that I mean, it’s everything you love and hate about BTYM.

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3 thoughts on “BTYM Podcast, Episode 20 – Fishy Freedom

  1. Anonymous says:

    My one regret is that we may not have mentioned genocide enough. And yeah, that microphone “we” “invested in” from our “coffers” is powerful. YOu can hear every slobbery lick.

  2. Jerch says:

    Another great moment is when I compare you to a bathtub full of lye, and you thank me.

  3. Jerch says:

    Oh, wow…that sound in the background (which is totally not a dog licking herself!) is just so…apparent! Loves/hates it.

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