SNL: Emma Stone / Coldplay

I start with a simple question to America: When did Emma Stone become a thing? Although I thought the movie Easy A was brilliant, I am not sure that Emma Stone deserves to host SNL for a second time! I think that the producers also felt she was slightly unqualified, which is why they made her earn her place — mainly by making her perform a series of ridiculous voices (mannish, Southern, English, French).

This was a recurring-character heavy episode, which in my mind, means they could not rely on the talent of the host. Don’t get me wrong, it is hard being funny, and that is why the regular cast members have to be so amazing. With characters like Herb Welch (the racist newscaster who smacks people in the mouth with his mike) and Mindy Grayson (who cannot seem to get the hand of Secret Word) the viewers get to appreciate how hard these actors work. Kristin Wiig was fabulous, as was creepy Bill Hader. During the cold open, I thought Hader’s Rick Perry was hilarious, though it did not get much audience appreciation.

There were two very memorable laugh-out-loud sketches in this episode. The first was “Bridal Shower” in which instead of the traditional funny/lewd gag-gifts, a socially inept woman gives some seriously raunchy and inappropriate gifts to her friend. Emma Stone did a great job of playing this woman and, despite the ridiculous voice, was very funny. The second sketch was called “Technology Hump” where, well, the hosts (Stone and Samberg) made electronic things have sex with each other. It was so stupid, but so funny. I hope these choices do not reflect too poorly on me, since they are both overly sexually and totally unsuitable for daytime viewing, but hey, they were funny.

And Coldplay. Oh, Chris Martin, you are my hero and the love of my life (suck it Gwyneth) and I believe that Mylo Xyloto may be the best album yet. The performances of “Paradise” and “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” were flawless and energetic. They added some much needed musical reprieve from some slower aspects of the show. The only music on the show that may have been better is when a spoof showed that everyone reacts the same way to Adele’s overly emotive “Someone Like You.”

Did someone say slower aspects of the show? That must mean I am talking about Weekend Update!! Seriously, Seth Meyers, save the fake news and jokes for Colbert and Stewart. Another slow point — the digital short. Sorry, for anyone who is not a fan of The Lonely Island, because the “Wish it Would Rain” short was pitch perfect for what makes TLI so great…and sometimes so unlikable.

Overall, this was actually a really funny show which was not hindered by the host Emma Stone. As usual, there were some sketches that just fell flat and did not get a single laugh from the audience, but thankfully, there were more well-played sketches to help keep this episode afloat. So check it out.


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