Drunken Movie Critic: The Troll Hunter (Trolljegeren)

This movie is totally unexpected in all the right ways.

Netflix recommended Trolljegeren to me, and for a long time I ignored it. This was the same system that told me to watch Patrice O’Neal based on my review of Boys Don’t Cry, so I have never given it much credit. Well, 6 beers later and nothing striking my fancy, The Troll Hunter became an option.

The premise of this movie is part Blair Witch and part Harry Potter –– a documentary film crew discovers that the government has been hiding the existence of Trolls after following a man they believe is a bear poacher.

For originality, the screenwriters get a big thumbs up. Trolls are a very Norwegian thing, but all I know about them is from fairy tales or Tolkien. I learned a lot about the lore and background of Trolls — that they are attracted to the scent of Christians, that they turn to stone in sunlight, that they eat tires — and all while listening to the beautiful Norwegian language. And it truly is beautiful — it is kind of like phonetic drunkenly slurred English.

There was a sense of reality because despite the cinema verite style, the graphics and effects were surprisingly well done.

I will say that when you first see a Troll, it looks, well, exactly like what I thought a Troll would look like. It was not scary, but realistic.

Overall, this film was unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable. If you are looking for a lazy afternoon movie to blow your mind hole, then you should definitely watch this movie. If, however, you are looking for a horror film, then this is not for you. Best leave this for those who’s ‘likes’ include Harry Potter and Warehouse 13.

Overall Rating — 76%


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