Once Upon a Time: Episode 3

Phew — Thankfully this episode started with a 40 second recap of the whole show. You know that a show is going to be seamless and accessible when at EPISODE THREE they remind the viewers of the plot.

But what happened after the intro, you ask? Well, let me tell you through a series of flashbacks!

Oh, sidenote,  if you want to be a fan of this show, then you had better simultaneously be a fan of flashbacks as a story-telling device. It fits though, since the stories are intertwined and, as I have mentioned before, I will let the fact that this annoys me slide since the costumes are so goddamn gorgeous.

Oh Snow White — even trapped in a time warp, she is a good person. She visits coma patients, bails people out of jail and teaches elementary school. I thought that she was a modern nun in the first two episodes with the name Sister Mary Margaret…apparently the writers decided she isn’t by the statement, “I’m a teacher not a nun.” Well played, writers.

As this show is developing, I am noticing some things I really like and some things that, if they continue, will make me stop watching.

One big like: so many characters to develop. They have a trove of story book characters to choose from and can play with both the past and present lives. This could be really fun, so I will keep watching. Rumpelstiltskin keeps popping up with a fun back story, but I am ready to get some more people! Where are the Goldilocks? The Riding Hoods? Beauty and the Beast? The boy who cried wolf? The wolves? Hmm…maybe those character rights were bought my NBC for their show Grimm

One big dislike: How is this show going to end? I keep thinking about where the show can develop conflict and how it can resolve conflict. The Evil Queen puts characters under a curse, girl comes back to break curse and convince townspeople of their past lives, Evil Queen tries to thwart them. Yup, that is pretty much it. Side plots develop, but they all involve Evil Queen somehow. This episode seemed to greatly focus on convincing Snow White of her past, so are we going to go through character by character? Tedious, but then again, that is kind of the whole plot premise. It hurts the cause even more to know that all of the motivation for these revelations stems from the obsessive mind of a pre-adolescent boy who is in psychological counseling.

Ugh, also, Prince Charming is in a coma…or some kind of persistent vegetative state where he still looks well groomed and gorgeous. As a nurse, this kind of stuff rubs me the wrong way. I do not expect the layperson to care that without an EEG or BIS monitor there is no way to tell if the coma patient Prince Charming has brain activity or that a person in a coma has had such severe muscle atrophy he could not possibly walk away. ABC execs need to realize that there are a lot of health care professionals working out there who notice this crap. I am sure that astrophysicists are just as annoyed at The Big Bang Theory that I am at Grey’s Anatomy….TANGENT!

Back to the point: I am worried for this show. So often I get my hopes up (Wonderfalls, Defying Gravity, Firefly) and the good shows just don’t make the ratings. I am kind of engrossed in the show so far, but I am weary to invest too much time watching it (ironic that I am choosing to spend time writing about it, I know). All I know is the Queen will continue to be evil, she is getting all threatening to the protagonists, and I guess I will take this conflict one episode at a time.


One thought on “Once Upon a Time: Episode 3

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