SNL: Charlie Day/Maroon 5

By the hammer of Thor!! There is a God, and he, while ignoring the plight of the innocents in the Arab Spring, has instead answered my prayer for more Charlie Day.

At this point, if you do not know who Charlie Day is, then we cannot be friends. The star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and this summer’s Horrible Bosses hosted SNL for the first time. I always find that when the host knows a cast member (ex. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig or in this case Day and Jason Sudeikis) the show is better. Similarly, when the host is also known for writing his own comedy TV show, the sketches are also better.

That was the case this week, as Charlie Day monologued with a song and a short spat with the legendary Danny DeVito. Sure, the song was no”‘Dayman,” but it was funny, and his rapport with DeVito was so genuine and easy. In fact, that can be said for most of the sketches Day was in — while not always hilarious, he handled himself so well and fit in with the cast members with such ease that it seemed like he has hosted before. Sure, while there were moments of pure suck (Freakosaur?, Comedy Tour), there were many more moments of entertainment (Greek Gods, Ask Dr. Oz). Sure, there was little bit of Charlie in every character — the awkward, weird, rat-bashing, scruffy funny-man showed up, but honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

It was a great night for the regular cast as well — lots of impersonations (Moammar Gaddafi, Kardashians, Dr. Oz, Rick Perry) and for the love of god, Judy Grimes/Kristen Wiig is so impressive. And thank you, SNL, for sticking it to Dr. Oz, a man I want to punch in the balls so badly it actually hurts.

Now, we come to the musical guest.

As soon as the whistling started, I knew that all hope was lost. Whomever wrote the “Moves Like Jagger” song should be taken out into the streets and shot. Whenever I hear it, I frantically try to change the radio station, pressing random buttons…I broke a nail once, I punched a button so vigorously to get that awful song out of my earspace. But I could not do it this time, no, I had to watch this performance for you, my readers. So I swallowed the vomit rising in the back of my throat and ignored the fact that Mick Jagger is 68 years old and listened. It sucked out loud. The live version of Stereo Hearts, while not as bad, still is one of the worst songs I have heard this year. Oh, Adam Levine, why is the only good thing you have ever done the Digital Short Iran So Far Away. To steal the only good lyric from Maroon 5 “good music can be so hard to find.” So True…Fast forward straight through this on you Hulu or your DVR unless you actually want to watch a grown man in skinny jeans and bilateral sleeve tattoos sing about sex in falsetto. Yeah, Maroon 5…kill yourself.


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