American Horror Story: Episode 5

Once again two almost (but quickly turning into actual) fans of American Horror Story talk about this week’s episode. We can all agree the craziness was ratcheted up a few pumpkins. Who’s dead? Who’s undead? Who’s in that sexy suit?

Read on to find out!


Woh, someone turned up the spooky meter! So overall, where are you on this series? To me, by the fifth episode I should know whether or not I’m investing in the full season. Plus, it’s Halloween on the show, which feels like a fitting midway point.

I am totally hooked on this series, if only because it legitimately scares me from week to week. But, I don’t know for how long it will sustain my interest (mainly bc the whole series seems like a hook and that novelty is sure to wear off eventually. I mean, with Glee, at least there’s Sue and singing to keep you coming back when all the rest of the White Whines are driving you nuts).

I think it’s pretty clear this’ll be at least a great first season of what might otherwise be a forgettable 3-4 year series. Heroes anyone? I’m also legitimately scared after each episode, more and more actually. There’s singing on Glee?

Ugh. Heroes, don’t remind me. What if it’s the “Curse of the Quinto?”


I love how Russell Edgington seems genuinely surprised that Dermot’s mistress has already come back from the dead, and she pissed. Which, like, is he not a spirit? Or I guess he’s just not thinking this whole murder-for-$1000 plan out very well. Or maybe he just wants to die. I think there are probably easier ways. Maybe only a current tenant of the house can kill and/or resolve the troubles of another.

I’m with Dermot: $1000 that’s it? Burnyface needs to get with it. What exactly is his motivation? I don’t think it is death, since as you said, he could accomplish that much more easily. I guess maybe he just wants to torture Dermot like he was “tortured?” I like your last idea, that the current tenant resolves the issues for the others–in fact, I think that may be where the show is headed. (Or, should be.)

Everything does seem to come back to the house, doesn’t it? I suppose that’s obvious, but it took me until the fifth episode to realize all of these people have lived in this house, and many (if not most) have died and/or killed someone there. Will this family break the curse? It would be sort of amazing if Connie Britton dies halfway through the season. Side note: if she has a miscarriage, does that baby come back to haunt them?


Hmm, so I’m still not super sure about your assertion that Tate’s not, you know, corporeal. Although as we saw with latex suit man, lack of a sex drive isn’t exactly a requirement for being a spirit, though that did seem like a clear sign something wasn’t quite right with Tate. Oh plus the gory teenagers stuff, including none other than the original Cylon herself. But while they’re clearly ghosts, I’m still not convinced he is. Maybe it’s just that they’re his victims? But he’s apparently ageless. Hmm. Gosh, it’s so hard to tell. Is that what this show is going to be about in the long-term? Figuring out who’s alive, who isn’t, and who’s somewhere in between? I’m hoping not. I hope there are lots of like, the undead messing around with the living, but not always in a murderous way. Let’s see some tricks, some jokes, some strange relationships? Oh wait no, that’s Buffy.

I definitely think Tate is a ghost, but I think he may not know he is a ghost (like killing all those kids and himself was so traumatic that he can’t come to terms with it.) I think Lange hinted at that when she told Violet not to tell Tate that Addy died. I really like the idea that Lange and Violet are sort of going to be in cahoots. As much as I don’t really like Violet, I think that positioning the series around her might be a good move: coming of age in a house full of ghosts, etc., being more mature than your parents, being vulnerable but kind of bold too. I could see Lange being her “spirit guide” in that regard.

Agreed, plus I like the idea that Jessica Lange is the most sane person on the series somehow. Like, she’s the most in tune with the house/spirits, and she understands the motivations of the various characters the best. Violet is clearly among the worst, but she’s starting to warm up to me, especially the way she straight-up confronts the snarky teens with a pair of scissors.


I don’t think Dermot’s quick enough to have come up with the we’re selling our house, remember? excuse when Mrs. Coach Taylor [rightfully] suggests they should call the police, for once.

I totally agree; I mean, if they were from NY he totally would have made the real estate jump right away, but no. I think the house has basically possessed him in that every decision where he’s like “keep my family together” really means “stay in the murder house, together, FOREVER.” I’m annoyed that he doesn’t realize his ex is a ghost. What the hell did you spend all that time building a gazebo for if you thought she might not be dead? Come on man.

Yah, I mean, didn’t he see her buried and covered with dirt? He would have been standing in that same place for literally hours covering her up, not to mention building a gazebo over her. So he doubts she’s dead…how? How would Burnyface concoct such an elaborate ruse? God, Dermot is the dumbest.

Jerkin’ and cryin’ is all he’s good for now…


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