The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 3

It’s the third episode of The Walking Dead’s second season, and yet again barely anything has happened. Sure I’m not expecting they blow up the CDC every episode, but I feel like they’ve been looking for that girl for seriously the entire time now. Needless to say, I have a few questions…

Despite his obvious sexiness, I’m faced with the realization that Jon Bernthal just cannot act. He stares into the mirror and thinks to himself, what exactly? It’s completely unclear until it’s later revealed in explicit detail. Which is to say, he didn’t convey it otherwise.

Why exactly are the survivors split up between the farmstead and the traffic jam of doom? Besides the healing of Carl, shouldn’t the main priority be figuring out how the farmers have survived so much easier than the rest of them?

I mean, don’t we sort of agree with Laurie, that perhaps Carl would suffer less if he didn’t survive this wound? Well no because actually he’d reanimate. But still, there surely is going to be no Grand Canyon for this boy. Perhaps as a Zombie, though, if someone sets him off in the right direction.

Otis fires his high-powered rifle almost directly at Shane (killing a zombie in the process). Um, did we forget already what happened two episodes ago? That guy isn’t exactly great with trajectories.

If zombies will eat the flesh of an animated zombie hanging from a tree and unable to push them off, why don’t they just eat each other normally? Would they eat an inanimate zombie? The only thing living in a zombie is presumably its brain, so whether or not its legs are attached to a brain that is currently operating or has an arrow through it would seem to be a moot point.

Why does Dale just wander off down the road in the middle of the night? With everyone else already on their side quests, he’s the only person protecting the cars and the grieving mother. Did he ask her if he could leave?

I like that they’re giving Glenn something to do, but…does he really serve no other purpose than to allow other characters to advance their exposition? Remember when he was the quick and crafty survivor who knew everything Rick didn’t?


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