The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2

Once again, I have some questions and suggestions for the survivors of The Walking Dead’s zombie apocalypse, namely:

Ooh a flashback! Are we going to start to see what life was like after Rick was shot, namely how the infestation spread?

How did this morbidly obese man survive all this time? Eating venison? Oh, in this terribly undefended farmhouse. There’s even a scene where Rick and Hershel sort of discuss how he came to be safely living on this majestic homestead. Then he doesn’t ask the obvious question, “So how did you survive the, you know, zombie apocalypse?” Instead they talk about AIDS, and then a horse rides up. Makes…sense.

Hmm, now Rick’s clothes are probably always going to have a faint smell of blood on them. Blood = zombie bait.

Should Theodore be using his hands, like at all? I don’t know what his wound looks like because obviously I winced and put my hand over my eyes, but judging by the sounds, I’m guessing it’s like veins gushing blood and what not.

Which makes me wonder, if you had a choice between dying of blood poisoning or becoming an undead corpse, which would you choose? I’m sort of thinking I’d go full-on zombie.

Maybe this is too obvious, but…good thing there just happened to be a doctor at this farmhouse? It’s kind of like that time they just happened to come across a  functioning nursing home in Atlanta.

Did they leave that deer in the woods, because if so, that’s quite a waste? Sure, a child’s life hangs in the balance, but venison chili, y’all!

Theodore is right to suspect he could very soon be the victim of “the only black character” syndrome, because he probably will be! They off’d Jacqui in last season’s finale, and the Hispanic family magically decided to go their own way. Now we’re down to Glenn and Theodore, you know, because there certainly aren’t enough white people on this show. Which, by the way, takes place in Atlanta. The city that plays host to the only Real Housewives show with an almost entirely-black cast. Yah, I think there would probably be more people of color in the survivor’s group. Or are we to believe there were a realistic proportion, but they are mostly zombified by now? Oh, America.

From where did Hershel’s family obtain orange juice? Do they go to a store? Who is stocking the store? Do they have an operational fridge?

Isn’t a hospital always going to be a bad place to go, like for anything? Aside from a random empty swimming pool full of healthy humans, I’m having a hard time imagining a place more likely to contain lots and lots of zombies.

Aww, good ol’ Merle. The character that keeps on giving. Thankfully he just happened to have powerful antibiotics. OK, so that’s a thing. But more importantly, where the balls is Merle? Plus, maybe Carl needs some of those pills…


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