The Walking Dead: Season 2, Premiere

I have some questions for The Walking Dead…

Why did the little girl just up and walk away to begin with? This whole episode is sort of her fault.

What was their plan when they stopped, ostensibly for the over-turned truck, and then magically when the radiator breaks [again]? Why didn’t they just go ahead and steal one or more of these cars?

And those are not even the most egregious questions!

How do they know none of the corpses in the various cars and trucks aren’t just dormant zombies? I mean, one thing we can all agree on is that they look just like corpses, you know.

How does the sad mom keep her hair shaved so perfectly? I suppose the same question could be asked for all of the survivors’ hair.

Did the Christian zombies come to the church because of the bells, which if so begs the question, are they starting to remember their humanity? Definitely brains seems to continue to be the overriding desire, but maybe JC has a place too.

Guns consistently do not end up being the life-preservers every character continues to assume they are, so why don’t we give up this crap and go raid a sports store for some more crossbows? They’re silent, reusable, and operate at a long distance. Plus, how is everyone magically an expert shot with a gun? I figure, if they’re already learning to use a weapon they’re unfamiliar with (a gun), then they have to learn something anyway! Why not a crossbow? Also, the redneck actor was in the Lady Gaga “Judas” video, so there’s that.

The blood on JC was paint, right? Or was that actually blood from the zombies? Hrmh, uh, a sign?

Did they, um, disinfect that guy’s arm? Because, well it looked like a pretty bad cut!

We see zombies eating a dog, which answers the question, “if humans are so scarce, why don’t they eat other animals?” But what we don’t know is, can the dog become a zombie? Zombie dogs! Kibbles and brains!

At what point did it seem like a good idea to let a small helpless child waltz up to an adult deer? This one even has huge antlers. Hmm…wow. That ended worse than I thought it would, somehow.

Lastly, why wasn’t there any nudity? Ooh, looks like there will be some shower butt this season. Stay tuned!


One thought on “The Walking Dead: Season 2, Premiere

  1. funnynurse says:

    I am buying a crossbow RIGHT NOW! And yeah, the only gunshot fired in this whole episode was at the deer (which, to the best of my knowledge, was not undead).
    ps– don’t take a random clothing shower in the scarce bottled water supply, it is poor form.

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