SNL: Anna Faris/Drake

Oh, SNL, here we go again. First, I must say that I thought I loved Anna Faris — with her bat-shit crazy eyes and a demeanor that makes me think she is always high (which, being from Seattle, could very well be true). Sadly, I think that I am just remembering how much I liked her in Just Friends, because she was flat and unfunny tonight.

This SNL started out with a very NYC-focused cold open. When I lived in New York it was hilarious and poignant, but now that I am living elsewhere, it is annoying. Sometimes the focus needs to be something not covered only on NY1.

The sketches were so strange tonight…Dominican TV show, Anime TV show, Lifetime TV show…ugh, it was tiring. Between Fred Armisen playing every ethnic character and Bill Hader playing every creep guy, the only other person who stood out this week to me was Horse Face Girl but for all the wrong reasons. Vanessa Bayer flubbed her lines in the only sketches she was in and often plays old people because her face is so strange. I mean, my god, her mouth!

Did someone say digital short? Oh, no one did because it was so shitty….well, alright then. The premise of the digital short might have worked better as a sketch, but I will say it was funnier than the rest of the show (especially the racist interview and the wordless seduction). Is it wrong to say that I want to have rough, base intercourse with Andy Samberg? Good, because I needed to put that out there.

Oh, and who is Drake? All those rappers look and sound the same to me. Not in a racist way. He was entertaining, and he pulled semi-double duty of being an actor in a few sketches and performing.

Maybe I am just jaded, but times are changing, I am getting older and I just don’t laugh at SNL like I used to. Comedy is changing and it is slowly being reflected in the sketches chosen, but I am becoming less and less patient in waiting for this show to be funny again.


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