BTYM Podcast, Episode 15 – Bike Entitlement

It’s time for By That You Mean’s very special Quinceanera episode, and don’t you worry because we have plenty of hentai cake to around! Today we’re talking about that universally loathed subspecies of Homo sapien: Homo sapien bicyclus. Or in layman’s terms, good for nothing bike riders.

Yes, I know it’s a huge surprise, but it turns out we don’t so much love people who use bikes as an excuse to essentially do whatever they want. Of course bicycles aren’t fundamentally despised. I like bikes. You like bikes. Bikes are great. It’s really the bulge-defining clothing, the danger of an accident at every crosswalk, and the inconvenience of bringing a bike on public transportation.


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One thought on “BTYM Podcast, Episode 15 – Bike Entitlement

  1. […] Think of it as a spiritual sequel to the epic Bike Entitlement podcast. […]

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