Drunken Movie Critic: X-Men: First Class

Oh, summer movies…you are often exactly what I expect.

At the bequest of a friend, I manned-up and soberly went to an afternoon viewing of what I thought would be a horribly inaccurate account of the creation of the first team of X-Men or the Brotherhood of Mutants, you know, something that would send my nerd gene into overload. I was not disappointed.

Since I assumed X-Men: First Class was going to be a black hole, where not even light could escape its suck, I was actually pleasantly surprised. Sure, it is totally and completely wrong in terms of, well, everything that happened in the comic books, but it was fun to watch and had me entertained.

It follows Charles Xavier and Magneto as they discover themselves and help the CIA use mutant powers for good…you know like to stop the Cold War. That is pretty much it.

It does surprise me, though, with these movies like Watchmen and X-Men and Batman etc. When basing a screenplay after a well-known and loved graphic novel or comic, one would think that the majority of the work has been done…the plot and dialogue and images have all been worked out. Why then, do so many facts change?


Charles Xavier did not raise Mystique, but he did grow up with Cain, who later became Juggernaut. Hows about we talk about that?

While in Graduate school at Oxford, Charles Xavier meets a Dr. Moira Kinross/later Mctaggert and is supposed to marry her; he does not accidentally stumble across her as some CIA covert operative.

Yes, Xavier and Magneto become good friends, but they first work together to bring down a terrorist group called HYDRA, not the Russians.

Xavier’s first five students are Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Angel — who later become the original X-Men…not Havoc (who is actually Cyclops’ brother…timeline people?) and Banshee (who is Scottish and a former Interpol agent and NYPD officer and totally older than all the other X-Men)

Emma Frost was a teacher at the Xavier Institute…she even gets all jiggy psychically with Cyclops. She did however work with Sebastian Shaw (who was not, to my knowledge all up in the Nazi Party…)

Ugh, now my brain hurts, but I just needed to vent that out there. Yes, of course there are more inconsistencies between the books and the movie.

Long story short, if you have read a few of the comics and want to be entertained, then go for it, but if you read them a lot and had the bastardization of something you hold to be sacred, then run away, run very far away.

Overall Score- 75%


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