BTYM Podcast, Episode 14 – Playing Dress-Up

Previously, on BTYM

“I’m sick and tired of you always trying to horn in on my jokes, Chelsea. You know I made you, and I can break you!”

“Yah well, Michael, no one knows your secrets quite like me, so bring it on bitch!”

“Oh shit, we’re recording. Um, no ability to edit this so…just press a few buttons…and there we gooo…”

[Your computer/iPod explodes.]

But seriously, it’s time for another installment of Who are these freaks? Dyah! I mean, the By That You Mean Podcast! Yes, that’s it. Today we devote nearly twenty minutes to justifying our silly infatuation with explaining the totally adult practice of wearing costumes. Where does one wear costumes? Well to theme parties of course! Or to Trader Joe’s buying $2 wine. You know, adult things. Totally not dorky things at all.

Like what you hear? Hate us? Why are you still reading, then? How about that! Anyway, leave us a comment or send us an email with your thoughts. We’re always looking for new topics, and technically we could have a guest host here and there.

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