Everyday Turkey Breast

This is embarrassingly simple but always a hit, even with a family of 2-year-old who’ve yet to eat anything else I’ve cooked.

Buy a turkey breast that has the gravy pouch inside the packaging. Harris Teeter has this.

Rinse off the breast, place it breast side up in a roasting pan or Dutch oven, smear over and under the skin with mayo, baste with the gravy juices frequently, and cook until the thermometer reads done for turkey — 180F.

Make gravy by adding cornstarch or flour to a bit of the juice, creating a slurry, which you then slink back into a pan with the rest of the turkey’s cooking juice. Stir/ whisk until it thickens. Why people bother to strain out the misc. turkey goop, I can’t say. It’s all golden. And don’t even think about seasoning the gravy (or the turkey for that matter) because it’s all in the gravy packet.

Do I even need to suggest mashed potatoes?


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