SNL: Alec Baldwin / Radiohead

Here we go America — season 37 of Saturday Night Live. Yup. Thirty Seven. How, after all this time can Lorne Michaels and crew keep things feisty and fun?

Well, not with an 11 minute intro that bumbles around the Republican debates. After watching that, I wanted to stab myself in the eyes. Leave the political humour for Weekend Update…and please, add someone to the weekend desk with Seth Meyers; he works better with a partner. His sarcastic dickishness is more off-putting than ever. Sure, he is right about everything, but still.

Kristen Wiig is by far the funniest person on that show and you can tell because it seems like she is in every possible sketch.  And after watching the other ladies on the cast for the past few years come and go and go and go away, it makes my ovaries ache for another Cheri Oteri or Amy Poehler or Ana Gasteyer. Not that brunette now who has horse teeth and is positively unfunny (Vanessa Bayer).

Nasim Pedrad though, is the exception. I am keeping my eyes on that one. She has the one skill an SNL player must — no dignity. In that same category goes Taran Killam who I really hope is gay because that would just make me love him more.

As usual, the commercial (or the digital short) always add a lift to a stalling show.

I was so glad that in the first episode, they pulled out some impersonations for Top Gun auditions — one can forget how hard it is to become an SNL cast member. Just to audition you have to have original characters and a handful of impersonations that you need to be able to.

Radiohead may be my favorite band on earth. Seeing them in concert blew my mind apart and I think that everything they touch turns to gold and magic. There were great guests even though their album “The King of Limbs” was released in February. Something about the stage set up and the performances made God Thom Yorke look like a sprite-voiced, google-eyed homunculus. But, hell, I would listen to them cough and pay money for the privilege.

All in all, this was a really good show, especially considering how much it has sucked in the past few years. Sadly, just because the first show was mostly enjoyable does not mean it will be a consistent season. But a girl can dream, can’t she?


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