BTYM Podcast, Episode 13 – Trivia

This week at By That You Mean we’re celebrating that redeemer of man: trivia.Wait that makes less sense than usual. But not just any trivia! No, no sir. It’s a tandem custom-trivia challenge for your hosts, Michael and Chelsea!

Naturally, Canadia is up first for good ol’ Chelsea, and Michael’s flung a set of booze-specific questions. Who will win (ehh, probably not you), and who will lose (um, all of us)?

“O, CAN-A-DA!”

But seriously, we’re hoping to make this a semi-regular tradition, so look out for future [more refined] trivia…dyah I mean — SHUT UP I KNOW THIS ONE — episodes.

And of course, if you have any suggestions for topics, and/or you hate yourself for continuing to sit through this nonsense, well then please leave us a comment or send an email.

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One thought on “BTYM Podcast, Episode 13 – Trivia

  1. Lizzzzzzzz says:

    There’s a Tim Horton’s in Penn Station (or maybe three of them, I can never tell where I am in Penn Station).

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