Ringer: Episode 2

Ok, let’s get it out of the way: this show is bad. Legitimately bad. Not so bad it’s good, more bad in new intriguing ways, that are so campy the show glimmers of potential. This recap is about those moments, which will surely keep me watching for at least one more week.

  • The most frustrating part of the show is that they feel the need to beat the audience over the head with the premise over and over through voice overs, conversations filled with supposition, and constant flashbacks. The story is Soap Opera Plots 101 level. Trust us, writers, we can handle it.
  • In certain OTT campy moments, SMG really shines. I mean, Buffy, right? The best of this episode were when she contemplates using the table saw to hack up the dead body (while wearing white silk, obvs) and when she is rooting around in the trunk containing the dead body for the cell phone. In a better show (ahem, Buffy or Dexter) these moments would have been played up for comic/ horror simultaneously.
  • So Andrew and his daughter are starting to like Siobhan. Predictable, but it works.
  • Her nickname is Shiv? Like, make a shiv out of a bedpost?
  • I’m already over her BFF architect and former lover. Wouldn’t it be better if they had written the former lover as a 2 episode cameo featuring someone fabulous and had the architect friend be a hilarious pal who she will inevitably confide in?
  • I’m also over Malcolm, so I don’t feel bad that he is going to be killed soon, though that will bring the show’s diversity down to the single vaguely Native American bad guy. Oh, CW.
  • The hat that real Siobhan was wearing in the bank at the end! Lawd.

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