Writers Room: Glee – Season 2

In the run up to Glee’s third season, we’d like to take a look back at what [we imagined] the writers were saying prior to season 2….

“I’d really like to add more white characters for the second season.  And we should concentrate less on the minorities in general.  We should also pretend Jewish characters on TV count as a minorities.”

“Everything you’re saying makes me wet.  Can we get rid of some of the black ones while we’re at it?  I feel like we already capitalize on their music as it is.  I think that’s enough.”

“Ditto.  But we can’t just axe one of them while adding more whities at the same time.  I mean, we could, but that’s too obvious.”

“Ha ha ha.  True, but we have three blackies.  I mean, that’s a lot.  One time the black guy spoke!”

“Yes, I agree.  Well, what if we added a white dude, subtracted the black guy, but then added an asian girl?”

“Hmm, I like where you’re going with that – specifically the adding a white guy part, but then aren’t we ending up with no net change in non-white characters?”

“Not if we take out the asian girl after the first episode!”

“We can claim she joined the other glee club!”

“You’re brilliant!”

“Yah, but we still have those other asian characters to deal with.  Hmm…think, think.  How can we marginalize them more?”

“What if we made them date, and that way all of their storylines are related.  We can cut down on the number of scenes with either in them.”

“That makes sense, but won’t it look racist if we make the only asian characters suddenly date each other?  Especially since we slowly built up a relationship between one of them and another main character?”

“We could always point out that it’s racist in a humorous way and, therefore, avoid it altogether.”

“We’re so smart!”

“I agree!”

“Yay, I love being white!”

“Me too!  Tra la la la la!”

“More theme episodes!”


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