BTYM Podcast, Episode 11 – Fake a Baby

The creators of By That You Mean would like to issue this disclaimer: We are not serious about any of this. We are not experts on anything. Following our advice may get you arrested.

With that being said, let’s talk about extorting your loved ones and coworkers with a no-fail fake baby scheme! What could possibly go wrong?

But seriously, (and let’s say you personally for whatever reason don’t see child-rearing in your future but otherwise love and adore the children of others) haven’t you ever thought about how you are missing out on not only time-off and gifts, but also all of the intangible social benefits of being a parent? From priority seating to not needing to look where you’re going most of the time to abruptly ending phone calls to deal with someone/something, there are many upsides to having a child, with the one major downside being…you have a child.

So follow us along on this fictitious journey of discovery and wonder! And by that we mean cheating at life.

As always, we’d appreciate input from the literally 1’s of listeners out there. By the way, we can see you.


P.S. The pictures mentioned in the podcast don’t exist because, well, let’s just say they were a little messy.

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By That You Mean Podcast Fake a Baby

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By That You Mean Podcast Fake a Baby

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3 thoughts on “BTYM Podcast, Episode 11 – Fake a Baby

  1. […] We got a little ahead of ourselves last year when we planed out how one could theoretically fake a baby. […]

  2. […] and I was delighted when my husband was in agreement. I guess what I’m saying is that while children aren’t for me, I appreciate their merit and am OK with others having them, even at my […]

  3. missygumba says:

    Yes, faking having a baby, an upcoming nuptial, surgery, etc., is a clever (albeit soul-sucking) way to illicit benefits from co-workers, bosses, friends, and the fam. I admit that I laughed several times, hearing your speculations. But I’m also compelled to relate that I do really love babies…like my Old Testament father loved babies. My backaches are a recent testament to my devotion. There is something so profoundly moving about holding an innocent person that the idea of Original Sin seems absurd. I always think of myself as a fan of Aristotle–building character through action. But when I hold a newborn, I side with Plato: we are our best at our origin. There is nothing, for me, so pure.

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