Ringer: Series Premiere

So, this may become a weekly thing (assuming the show does not get canceled immediately). In list form! Spoilers abound!

  • LOVE how it started. It is my belief that the (Indian?) gargoyle and hiding out then fighting a bad dude was a nod to Buffy fans, since many eps started with Buffy waiting to attack a baddy, but of course, here it was a reversal.
  • The plot of this show looks like a mash-up of a number of 90s movies including Double Jeopardy and The Perfect Murder, as well as the Diane Lane vehicle Unfaithful. I don’t hate that. (Though it was quite heavy-handed in the boat scene. I was like, aww shit, Sioban went and Double Jeopardied her.)
  • “Let’s vaguely rehash the trauma (dead child, but whose?) that led to our schism/ one of us becoming rich and the other a stripper, but obvs lets do it in front of the infinity mirrors…in my closet?…art installation?” Where were they?
  • The Boat Scene was the absolute low point. It went back and forth between realistic looking water and the final scene of Some Like it Hot. Distracting.
  • I love how the CW recycles actors from canceled shows. It looks like the Life Unexpected cast has rebounded quickly. If this show’s creators were smart, they would start digging up cast members from Buffy. Any of the 3 nerds would be a smash, as would Cordelia (can you imagine?).
  • Already faking a pregnancy? Taking a page out of the Glee (and Gossip Girl, and every other thing) playbook I guess. I hate when CW shows jump the shark. There was already enough going on; that would have been a better season finale moment.
  • I will never not love SMG playing double-Buffys or twins, or Faith trapped inside of Buffy or whatever weird amnesia/mistaken identity/bodyswap plot can be devised. For some reason she is just really good at it.
  • Ok, fine, you got me watching, but that was a foregone conclusion.

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