BTYM Podcast, Episode 10: Travel – Budapest

A little late this week, and we’re super sorry about that, but we’ve returned with an extra special decagon of a podcast. That’s right! It’s the 10th episode, and what an achievement that is. Which is to say, we’ve somehow come up with not 1, not 2, but 10 topics we deem worth of others’ attentions.

This week we’re talking about yet another story from the year of our burgeoning friendship. That year we for some reason thought it would be a great idea to travel for Spring Break to, well…I won’t spoil it for you.

Oh right it’s in the title.

Budapest! We voluntarily went to Budapest, Hungary. In the winter. And not as part of an America’s Next Top Model challenge. So listen in, and see what happened!

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By That You Mean Podcast Travel Budapest

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By That You Mean Podcast Travel Budapest

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2 thoughts on “BTYM Podcast, Episode 10: Travel – Budapest

  1. […] patiently waited for the epic conclusion to the Eastern Europe/Budapest  podcast, and now you have it. I don’t dare spoil the ending, but just know that the trip […]

  2. missygumba says:

    I recall the Hungary customs guy asking me why we were visiting and bursting out laughing when I replied, “spring break.” And to be fair, Michael’s mother–who also paid for his trip–was alarmed because the newly formed dynamic duo separated the minute free time began, departing from the originally conveyed promise to stay joined at the hip no matter what Commie plot threatened them. Further, olde Mom would like to know why the fledgling dynamic duo chooses to bury the story of Chelsea’s aborted trip? Perhaps because that story would soon become a hagiography of St. Mom? As Hamlet says, “The woman dost protest too much, me thinks.”

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