BTYM Podcast, Episode 9: RA Recaps – Rape Cake

Ooh child! If you haven’t already surmised from the title of this week’s episode, the subject is how to make a cake with rape. Well, sort of. It’s more like how to rape a cake. Just kidding, it’s totally not about rape. Or cake. It’s about rainbows and pony kisses. Pony kisses that result in emotional and physical scarring. You can forgive pony kisses, but you can never forget them. Ha ha ha! No, but seriously; rape isn’t funny. But somehow we made it funny, so what can I say? It’s a paradox. A rape paradox. A rape cake paradox.

Strangely enough this story was the result of one of our very first resident advisor experiences — in fact one of the first moments when we started to be friends. That the memory is tinged with rape might just give you an idea of the kind of dark, troubled, in-need-of-therapy individuals you’re dealing with here. But still! There’s cake! We promise!

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By That You Mean Podcast RA Recaps Rape Cake

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By That You Mean Podcast RA Recaps Rape Cake

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