The Drunken Movie Critic: The Green Hornet

I will start by saying that I did not know this movie was co-written by Seth Rogen, but I think that I liked it more because of this.

This is the film adaptation of a long running 1940s-ish radio show about the heir to a fortune, Brit Reid, becoming a masked vigilante with his super-awesome side kick Kato. From the very first scene, I knew that this movie did not take itself seriously. In fact, if you were looking for a super-hero creationist type movie a la Spiderman or Batman Begins, well, then, you are going to want to stab yourself in the face within the first 7 minutes. This whole movie is kind of childish, tongue-in-cheek and, well, stupid, but in a good way. Disco Santa? Double-barreled gun? Hard to pronounce names? Totally batmobiled cars? Sure, what the hell, Green Hornet, go for it. I actually think this movie would have been a thousand times better if I actually had smuggled in wine.

Stupid critic, when will I learn?

Overall, if you are looking for an expensive, explosive showcase of Seth Rogen and his brand of humor, then this is for you. Truly, it was Knocked Up with massive amounts of ammo. Or Observe and Report without the benefit of Anna Ferris. Or Pineapple Express with more initiative.

Seth Rogen- #1, I think you are hilarious. Your witty banter, your self deprecating humor, your ability to play the loser so effectively, well, I find you charming. #2- looking good now, with the one chin and everything. I would totally hit that.

Jay Chou- Congratulations. You gave me lady wood. Not only do you have that adorable accent, but you can fix a car, make a mean latte, kick ass and  know how to fill out a pair of pants. Sold. Oh, and you did a great job of playing the straight man to Seth Rogen’s over the top antics.

Cameron Diaz- Look girl. I love your personality. You know, the personality that is in every character you have ever played ever- the funny, down-to-earth, hot, kinda clueless? Typecasting at its best. Also, My Best Friend’s Wedding is the best film ever made. OH, but before I Cameron….I should let you know that there is something going on with your face. You look different.

Overall Rating- 70%


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