Well hello there, Thyme.

We used to have a giant plum tomato plant in our kitchen window, the only truly reliable space with enough sun in the whole apartment. Despite my efforts, the plant only ever produced two single tomatoes. In fact it was actually two separate plants, and between the two we received only two measly (and not that tasty, I would like to add) little plums! Nevertheless, it was an impressively large plant, and keeping those two red dots healthy became a priority for the two months or so over the summer when guests came over every week. Finally, as the summer came to a close yesterday, it came time to chop down the ill-producing plant.

I wanted to also give the meager herbs a chance to thrive without their tomato overlord. Today I looked through the now clear window and, looking down, seriously exclaimed, “what the shit?!” The thyme had absolutely exploded; it was at least ten times larger than the last time I saw it! So my question, 4-5 readers, is: What the fuck do I do with all this thyme?

No “you can dry it” suggestions, please. And no “make a chicken” thoughts either. I want a unique solution. Thyme vodka? Thyme ice cream? Thyme pesto? That last one doesn’t seem possible. Thyme is very hardy and a little oily, so keep that in mind.



3 thoughts on “Well hello there, Thyme.

  1. Anonymous says:

    a simple google of “unusual thyme recipies” garnered this resut-

    Lemon Thyme Biscuits- http://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/lemon-thyme-biscuits-recipe/1/

    You are welcome in advance for something that does not totally sound disgusting and could literally be served with ANYTHING. Green Curry? Dip a lemon-thyme biscuit in it. Got some jams? Put it on a biscuit. Spagetti and Biscuits. Biscuits with a side of rice. The possibilites are endless.

    • Jerch says:

      You are an amazing person, but sadly I JUST threw out the thyme this weekend, since it had all but died with the coming winter. Where were you a month ago, and how did you get so good at letting people down?

  2. pjrw says:

    According to http://www.asiarecipe.com/herblist7.html, Kathie Schmidt offers this thyme use…

    “Having nightmares? Then place alittle thyme beneath your pillow before you go to sleep for thyme ensures a restful night’s sleep! It is used in healing spells, worn aound the neck for good health, and is burned by the Greeks for purification and cleansing. It is carried by some to encourage energy and courage and to help some be able to see fairies!”

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