BTYM Podcast, Episode 8: Avatar

Twiddly dee, and twiddly dumb, I started to write a dirty limerick here, but those are hard. Oh where has my life gone? Who even is listening? What am I doing with myself? Are we down to talking about our nerd affections. That was not even a question. Oh good lord, what has brought us to this point? I should end it all now. But wait, no, there’s hope! Hope in the next AVATAR!

No, not that Avatar. This Avatar. You know, the one with the squat bald kid with the weird tattoo. Oh, you haven’t heard of it? You’re not a weird nerd weirdo who lives with your parents? Not that we’re that! Ha ha…I mean, it’s like totally hip and cool to talk about old cult Nickelodeon pan-Asian mystical cartoons, you know? Right? What’s even cooler is tattooing your arm with a giant symbol from the cartoon! Ha, ha, just kidding. Oh wait, no, that’s not a joke? Hrm, well, enjoy!

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