Curbside Garden Diary: Week 0.5

Success!  Landlord agreed to the conversion of the “tree well” into a garden.  I was also offered use of the basement’s facilities, such as…you know, um, electricity and dampness.  Those will come in handy.

Anyway, so in anticipation of the forthcoming acceptance of my proposal, I preemptively and adopted the tree.  Yah, as in like, legally adopted it.  For reals.  I imagine this is probably about how hard it would be to adopt a human child, and since I’m never going to do that, this is close enough!

Turns out she’s a London Planetree.  Wait, what?  She ain’t no plain nothing!  She’s a tall, triumphant, regal beaut.

I would like to give her a name, and obviously it’ll need to be very British.  Any ideas?  Beatrice…Sophie…Hermione?

To be honest, though, I kind of couldn’t care less about the tree.  I want only the dirt that surrounds it.  I’m going to “care for” Ms. Planetree only in the sense that if it doesn’t get in my way, I won’t get in its way.

It rained this past weekend, so there was no opportunity to construct a fence around the dirt.  It’ll be wood and resemble this (source).


2 thoughts on “Curbside Garden Diary: Week 0.5

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