By That You Mean Podcast, Episode 6: Frenemies

Gosh, has it already been a week since BTYM last flooded your Twittery-Twat-Book™ with podcast links?  Jeez, where does the time go?

Well there’s no time to rest, because we’re back this week with an extra-special podcast.  By “extra-special” I of course mean longer than ten minutes.  This week we discuss that ever-present almost-acquaintance, the frenemy.

[Spoiler Alert:] We once again somehow end up making ourselves look like terrible people (which we probably are) in the end.  But it’s all good stuff, people!  Nothing but Webby-appropriate material here, folks!  So quit your bitching.

And to preemptively answer your question: Yes, this was totally about you.


Listen directly in your browser here:

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By That You Mean Podcast Frenemies

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By That You Mean Podcast Frenemies

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