Prime Meats

It’s been a while since the last time Eats Meats West visited Prime Meats, and this was our first lunch outing at the establishment. If you weren’t already aware that Carroll Gardens has long since become an enclave of work-from-home, post-hipster food snobs…well fuck a duck because boy you are in luck, as Prime Meats is here to inform you!

This is not to say that there’s anything overtly unpleasant or alienating about PM. It’s just that, good lord, there were at least 5 apparently not working people who came in and ordered, of all things, an iced coffee!  That’s it, just a coffee!  Confused for much of our meal, we later noticed a [of course hand-painted] sign prominently announcing that Prime Meats now had authentic cold-brewed coffee.  Gee whiz, the novelty!  I point this example out mostly to highlight how absurd the slow/local/seasonal food movement has taken it.  Yes, obviously millions of people order Starbucks everyday.  And yes, I realize especially in a metropolis such as New York, people make all kinds of excuses for not making their own coffee, among other thing.  But to buy it from an expensive [for the area], upscale but pretending-not-to-be upscale ostensibly German restaurant!  When there are numerous equally pretentious coffee shops around?  Jeez Louise, people, have some humility!

So anyway, the three of us ordered the radish, dandelion and anchovy salad; the sauerbraten sandwich with apples on a pretzel roll; spaetzle with mushrooms and wild herbs; and finally a roast beef sandwich.

I wanted to like the radish salad, I really did.  The ingredients made me picture a peppery, fresh crunch.  Instead I was met with an utterly overwhelming lemon dumpster.  It was impossible to discern any anchovy, which is quite a feat.

 The sauerbraten sandwich was lovely and as meaty and homestyle as I can remember when I had last ordered it as an entrée at dinner.  The smaller portion, inclusion of apples, and presentation on a pretzel was — dare I say — better?  The meat is tangy and sweet, and the fat is almost melted.

The spaetzle at Prime Meats continues to be an excellent addition to any meal.  We ordered a small, and even with three people (who, admittedly, already had meals) that was plenty.  There’s something so satisfying about the mushy-yet-substantial texture of the spaetzle, and the mushrooms and herbs (thyme, possibly oregano?) are to me more appropriate than the heavier cheese option.


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