Curbside Garden Diary: Week 0

So I’m thinking of asking the landlord if he’d mind if I added a garden around our one and only curbside tree.  Although…maybe I don’t even need to ask permission, because isn’t that city property?  And since it’s city property, clearly I will not be asking permission.  Just look at all of these other sidewalk gardens (in the slideshow after the break) of different scope, all on the same street.  Some of these were in front of private homes, while others in front of apartment buildings.  Obviously August isn’t the best time of the year to start a garden, so I’m thinking:

  1. Cheap flowers that will instantly add color, and I won’t care when they die.
  2. A couple perennials that will survive the winter.  Asparagus?
  3. Then eventually bulbs.  When is it appropriate to plant bulbs?

Any ideas?  I’d say it’s at least 3′ x 4′, with a good chunk taken up by the tree.  There’s some sort of metal thin on the left, which I’m probably going to ignore.  [UPDATE: The metal thing says “water,” but it is totally rusted over and, thus, not my concern.]  Ideally this garden will begin to produce useful herbs and vegetables next year after another planting, so for now I’d just be getting things started.  The dirt looks sort of terrible around the tree, and there is apparently some cement, so I’ll be adding some kind of confining fence and lots of soil.  Oh and I guess clean up the trash.  Any tips?

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2 thoughts on “Curbside Garden Diary: Week 0

  1. pjrw says:

    Have you considered raising the garden with a ring around the tree? This would allow you to add enriched soil. What about rosemary? It’s hearty and grows rapidly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yah, I was imagining a wooden box, perhaps 18″ tall. I would dig into the existing soil as much as possible (which might be very little) and then add in as much soil as possible for the plants. Maybe the box could later on support little window boxes hanging over the side? Those could be for seasonal things like herbs. Looking around, I notice now that we have a sizeable plot compared to some other tree wells in the area.

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