Fayetteville: Spreading Infection, One Olive Garden at a Time

Oh, well what’s this lovely piece of news about good ol’ Fayettenam?  Hundreds of people were probably infected with Hepatitis A as a result of one Olive Garden employee recently being diagnosed, that’s what!

I just love how Fayetteville only ever seems to creep into the public consciousness when something horribly awful happens…you know, like that time “Spanky the Clown” was arrested for something or another.  Oh it was child pornography?  God lord, WTF, Fayetteville!  Get your shit together.

Can’t you set a world record for — I dunno — most hugs and butterflies?  Wouldn’t that be something nice for once?

No, it’s got to be spreading infection and worry to the slovenly masses.

Hepatitis, by the way, is “typically spread when people ingest microscopic amounts of fecal matter. Thorough hand washing is a key step in preventing its spread.”  So yah, just picture that Olive Garden employee and what must have occurred to warrant such a concern for the spread of the infection.

Sadly, what I’m actually picturing is shrimp alfredo and endless bread sticks.

And clowns.  Oh, the clowns.



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