Two 8 Two (Updated)

Terrible naming aside, Two 8 Two is a new and somewhat unassuming burger bar with a small menu, but a lot to offer.  It fills the niche of better than 5 Guys but not as expensive as Henry Public (and the sort).

We had walked by one Sunday, many months ago, and noticed the well designed interior and interestingly short menu (mostly burgers), but it wasn’t open until 5pm, oddly.  Now it’s open every day for lunch/brunch. We went for an early Summer Saturday dinner — having literally looked at menu after menu of other restaurants seeking a burger but feeling jaded by the $14+ options available — and ended up staying past dark.

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UPDATE: Went back for a second time one week later, and the service was noticeably better for whatever reason.  This time I had a Billy Burger and once again the onion rings = perfection.  The Brooklyn outpost of Shake Shack may be looming, but I’m not necessarily going to jump ship.

If there was one thing not quite right about Two 8 Two it would be the service.  It wasn’t necessarily bad or out of sync, but there was just something off about the flow of the evening.  Lack of napkins here, waiting too long for a drink order there.

Since it’s so new I’ll give them a pass, especially since the burgers were so good.  They bear more than a passing resemblance to Shake Shack, but given that they haven’t yet set up shop in Brooklyn (though apparently, D.C.?) I could not care less about the mimicry.  Fuck you, Shake Shack.

The result is a perfectly sized patty, a no-fuss toasted bun, and a variety of simple toppings.  I had the house burger, which comes with among other things grilled poblano peppers.  Though a bit messy, overall it was very satisfying, but not gluttonously so.  My onion rings were perfectly acceptable, though my guests’ fries and sweet potatoes fries were sub-par.

We sat outside in the back patio (which incidentally abuts Pacifico) and were comfortably allowed to stay way past our time, casually sipping our Southampton Double Whites.  I’d totally go again.


2 thoughts on “Two 8 Two (Updated)

  1. funnynurse says:

    It looks like the messiest thing one could put inside them. I would be wearing that burger all over my boobs.

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