By That You Mean Podcast: Episode 2, Travel – Epcot

It’s been less than two weeks, and already we’re back with the second episode of our very own podcast.  Given the number of readers, you might call that sad, but we call it progress.  This week we’re talking about a recent trip to Epcot.  Yes, as in Disney World’s Epcot.  We’ll discuss what went well and what didn’t, what type of human is the most loathsome, and as always display a marked disregard for incriminating ourselves approximately eleven times on minor offenses and misdemeanors.  Spoiler Alert: Lots of editing was required to get this one to the air, so enjoy!  It runs a little long, and we’ll be more concise in the future.  And of course, please leave a comment or send us an email.  We’d love to hear from you.

P.S. Sorry about the echo; we’ve since improved our sound quality, but the first few episodes might have some kinks.

(By that I mean this is free.)

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By That You Mean Podcast: Episode 2, Travel – Epcot

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By That You Mean Podcast: Episode 2, Travel – Epcot

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2 thoughts on “By That You Mean Podcast: Episode 2, Travel – Epcot

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